A Look at my Heroic Megaera Logs

Two weeks ago, I did a fun healing experiment comparing my performances with Divine Purpose vs Holy Avenger. While there could have been a few other factors affecting my throughput, I was confident enough with the results that Holy Avenger became permanently lit up on my talent thingy.

Two weeks later and I’m still satisfied.

The Curious Case of Megaera, the Many Headed Beast

In my experiment post, I wrote the following:

I purposely left out 4 fights, each for unique reasons.

3- Heroic Megaera: The end result wasn’t consistent with the other fights and I thought the reasons were interesting enough to merit their own blog post.

A little bit late, but here is that blog post.

I’m aiming to use it as an intermediate World of Logs exercise on comparing healing spell choices. I’m running on the assumption that you all already know how to find your healing spells on WoL because, for the last two weeks, you’ve been playing around with the parsings tool and spying on pros.

I’m using the Heroic version of the fight, but it’s similar enough to the regular version that anyone who’s vaguely familiar with the fight should understand the analysis.

So anyway, when I did my HA+EF (Holy Avenger and Eternal Flame) experiment, this is what happened on Heroic Megaera:

Before Holy Avenger

Week 1

ps. Look at Pally Tank Theck, sniping heals from the healers!

Week 2

After Holy Avenger


When you look at this, your heart sinks, your stomach feels a little queezy and a dark cloud of discouragement hangs over your head. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

But before we dismiss Holy Avenger on Megaera, let’s look a little closer. We’ll ignore CD usage since my CD usage between fights should be pretty similar, other than Holy Avenger, which we’ve already accounted for.

This is what happened during nerf week:

(If your browser makes the writing look all tiny, you can right click on the image to put a larger version in a separate tab.)


See Diffusion?

Diffusion counted for 11.4% of my healing. 5 MILLION. Right after Mastery and Beacon, BAM! DIFFUSION!

Diffusion in a healing spell breakdown, in theory, means you healed someone who just got an Arcane Breath (only available on Heroic!) to the face. It’s supposed to take 10% of the effective healing on that person and redistribute it to others in range.

In practice, it’s pretty random. I spent hours with the log parser when drafting this post, trying to figure out how I ended up with so much Diffusion healing on that attempt and I have no idea. I didn’t even know about Diffusion healing at the time. (If there’s interest, I could write a post about Diffusion Log Parsing adventures but I’ll leave it out of this post since it’s pretty long and boring, and a tad more complex than I want to get into right now.)

Because Diffusion seems to only heal when it feels like it, without involving much control from the player, when analyzing logs and comparing my performances, I’d subtract Diffusion healing from my total healing count.

Next, notice Arcing Light (Light’s Hammer) as my 4th healing spell, for 4.8 million.

Then we see Eternal Flame for 4 million and Light of Dawn for almost 3 million. (Total Holy Power healing = Eternal Flame + Light of Dawn = 4 million + 3 million = 7 million)

Now, here’s my spell breakdown for week 2 of non-Holy Avenger:


In comparison, Mastery did a tad less healing, Beacon a tad more. Eternal Flame was about the same (4 million) and Light of Dawn a little less (2 million) for a decrease in Holy Power healing by one million.

A major difference would be Holy Prism instead of Arcing Light, which did 1.8 million healing…less than HALF of what Arcing Light did for me last time.

As for my “With Holy Avenger” Logs


If you counted the number of healers on the meters, you’d notice that we did this kill with 6 healers instead of 7. Which means more healing to go around, but also more dps and a resulting shorter fight (so we’re expecting a higher Healing per Second, HPS, but the total overall healing could be more or less).

Still, Mastery is my top heal, with comparable numbers to the two previous weeks, with Beacon as a second, again with comparable numbers.

Then Eternal Flame, doing more healing than the past two weeks, but no Light of Dawn, resulting in a lower overall heal from Holy Power (5.7 million).

What really sticks out, though, is the uselessness of Holy Prism here. (And I confess that the only reason I was using Holy Prism was because I had forgotten to respec for the fight.) While I’m sure Holy Prism could do the job if it were cast every 20 seconds, on schedule, I find this fight too busy for regular Prism casts. Besides, Light’s Hammer comes off CD just at the right time for Rampage where its little spidery light tangles shine to their full potential.

Comparing Two Paladins on a same attempt

On my “after Holy Avenger” attempt, my copally, who wasn’t using Holy Avenger kicked my butt on the meters. Solidly. So let’s look at what he was doing spellwise.


Our two top spells, Mastery and Beacon, were fairly comparable and his Holy Radiance was only slightly less than mine.

Then his 5 million Arcing Light points and laughs at my 1.7 million Holy Prism.

He did 3.5 million healing with Light of Dawn and 2.3 million with Eternal Flame for a total of 5.8 million Holy Power healing (slightly more than me).

And he got lucky with 1.4 million more Diffusion than me.

The moral of this story is, I guess, don’t use Holy Prism on this fight.

Conclusion: A Lesson Learned

Last night I made sure Light’s Hammer was ready to go on the pull. And I also followed Aladya’s example in planning CDs for Rampage. (Obviously, I couldn’t execute it quite as perfectly as he does, but the general CD timing was there.)

The end result looked like this:


Still below our meter whores Druid and Shaman who play meter topping games with each other, but still solid. Especially since I died near the end.

And in closing, my spell breakdown from last night, analyze it how you will.


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6 Comments on “A Look at my Heroic Megaera Logs”

  1. Joe Ego Says:

    Diffusion is actually quite useful. It applies when you catch the very first tick of the breath. It can be gamed to increase healing during Rampage.

    First by just healing people with Diffusion, particularly by targeting them with Radiance or Shock+Daybreak as the primary targets take more healing than everyone else.

    Second, by having non-tanks pick it up. I am able to pick up 2 or 3 stacks each time the Arcane head is active. This works best if you can catch the last breath before Rampage as the debuff only lasts 40 seconds.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I would be interested in seeing a detailed description of how Diffusion works because I spent hours going through logs and I couldn’t figure it out.

      On the attempt where I had 5 million healing from Diffusion, only our tanks received Diffusion stacks and most of my Diffusions were ticking for about 37k. Which means they were triggered by a heal of at least ~100k. Eternal Flame and Divine Light (and, yeah, Lay on Hands) are my only heals that would hit for that much. So I ran the log browser for time stamp and nothing lined up. None of my Diffusion heals happened following Eternal Flame or Divine Light. Unless there’s a 15 second or more delay between a heal and the resulting Diffusion proc, it seemed like my Diffusion heals were coming out of nowhere. I was even getting Diffusion procs off a tank I wasn’t healing (though he did have stacks during Rampage and I might have healed him then).

      I meant to track Diffusion on my frames to experiment with it this week but I completely forgot. Maybe it will be my project for next week.

      If my 5 million Diffusion logs are still available on my next day off work, I’ll post some screenshots of the log browser and see if anyone can figure it out for me.

  2. AliPally Says:

    This really shows how much Holy Paladins have changed since Wrath. Over 60% of your healing has come from indirect or AoE healing – IH, Beacon, Arcing Light, Radiance. That’s right, you didn’t even need to target an individual person to generate most of your healing!
    Divine Light, which used to be so important, comes way down the list as at most a filler spell, and on this fight at least, Prism, Flash and Holy Light are redundant.

    Oh my!

    • Ophelie Says:

      I was listening the interviews Megacode did with Aladya and Nodozz and one of them (I can’t remember which…maybe it was both of them) mentioned a few times how much Divine Light sucks.

      In Tier 14 there were some tank heavy fights where, depending on assignments, you could do a lot of direct healing, but yeah, in Tier 15, tanks are either taking very little damage or getting one-shotted. There’s very little single target and direct healing involved. Could depend on the team though – we run with two pally tanks and both of them are really into theorycrafting and min/maxing so they don’t require as much attention as a more average tank would.

  3. Buriel Says:

    Hi Rykga!!! the other day I had a discussion about WoW… and through many things remembered you and your blog. I’m Nuriel/Buriel, we met in TO. Glad to see you’re still going strong with WoW. I unfortunately haven’t touched any MMORPGs in a while, but remember them fondly. Take care!!!


    • Ophelie Says:

      OMG BUBU!!!!

      I remember you, you silly! I’m so so so happy that you dropped by!

      I’m still here, at the blog and in the game. It surprises me sometimes, but whenever I start getting tired of the game, something else comes along and catches my interest.

      Hope that you’re doing well and that everything is going great for you in that big scary real world!

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