The Much Needed Blogroll Update

I’ll link to you, I promise!

My most frequently broken promise ever. Many great blogs rise and fell before I finally updated my blogroll. I’M SORRY!

So this morning, I took a few hours to fix my side bar. I updated the World of Logs section. (I didn’t update the Paladinning section because my guide for Pandaria is so horribly outdated that I die of embarrassment every time I notice someone reading it.) And, of course, I did the highly anticipated (mostly by me) link roundup.

As usual, I disclaim that I don’t know every paladin blog on the internet. If your paladin blog or your friend’s paladin blog is missing, not only are you welcome to let me know, but I will also love you forever with my REAL HEART for pointing me toward awesome new reads. I’ve been pretty reclusive on the internet lately and am feeling out of touch, so please, don’t be shy to educate me.

Holy Paladins 4eva (and where you can go RIGHT NOW to read about us in 5.4)

The additions I should have made ages and ages ago are Paladiner and Intellect Plate. The Holy Paladin community had become quiet and complacent over the past year or so (funnily coinciding somewhat with Kurn‘s retirement…) and information became harder and harder to find.

Enter Paladiner and Lucydin.

Paladiner started off by introducing some much needed theorycrafting to the scene and contributing a number of boss guides. Most of his content is aimed at those looking to run heroic content, but even if you’re just starting out or sticking to LFR/normal modes, you should always have his blog in your reader for quick reference, should the need arise.

Lucydin (with the occasional help from her friends) at Intellect Plate, on the other hand, has a number of solid guides that will teach everyone, from beginners to veterans, a thing or two. Each guide is fairly comprehensive and, I imagine, takes a long time to write, so don’t expect updates several times a week. What you can expect, however, are regular interesting and well-written articles about holy paladins, raiding and more.

As for the most current 5.4 discussions (since you’re not likely to find any on this blog until 5.4 is an outdated topic), check out the results of Bouchbagette’s experiments at Full Spectrum Holy Pally. For some less numbery talk, Getsu has written his 5.4 thoughts over at his sanctuary. And if audio is more your thing, Megacode’s Healing Spec goes over our changes as well.

For once, most of our longstanding holy pally bloggers are still writing away (yay!) and I don’t think I had to delete anyone off the list. If you’re looking for a link to Kurn’s blog, I moved her to the “You Blog Enjoyment Guaranteed” section. Be sure to buy her kickass guild leader guide, even if you don’t plan on leading a guild anytime soon. Her insight, interesting thoughts and distinct writing style make her worth reading, no matter the topic.

And in MORE good news, I was happy to notice that Gryphonheart at The Lion Guard has been updating once in a while. Not so much about Holy Pallies, but all updates are good updates.

Other Paladins

As for the Others, most are still blogging along, though some new ret pally bloggers would be much appreciated. Light’s Fury has some good guides but nothing since 5.1 and Colin/Jack has quit raiding (/sad). Where are all the ret paladins?

New to the list is Arvash at The Crimson Hammer, who has been writing steadily for well over a year and who I’ve enjoyed in my feed reader (which gets updated far more often than my blogroll) for some time now. Arvash does a little bit of everything, but is primarily a tank (according to his about page). You too can follow his adventures by adding The Crimson Hammer to your blog reader.

Your Blog Enjoyment Guaranteed

This one is always tricky to update because I follow a ton of blogs, but don’t want to flood my already endless link section with even more links. I try to highlight blogs that are particularly original and accessible, but in the end, my reasons for adding a blog boil down to “BECAUSE I WANTED TO OKAAAYYYY?

This time around I added Katherinne’s The WoW is in The Details which is my favorite blog these days. She scouts out cool little things all over Azeroth and beyond and shares them for our (and probably Blizzard’s art team’s) enjoyment. She updates often so you can see new little tidbits of WoW almost every day.

I also added Navimie’s The Daily Frostwolf, a blog who’s updates I’ve come to look forward to. I’ve been out of touch with the blogging scene for awhile so I usually won’t find a blog until someone physically points me to one. There was a phase, awhile back, where my entire blogroll was posting about how they loved Navimie. “I should check out this Navimie person“, I thought. So I did. And I was impressed. I never thought I’d enjoy reading about someone else’s raids, achievements and friends, but she’s such a good writer that she could write about anything and make it interesting. By now, she certainly doesn’t need an introduction, but if you, like me, haven’t been following the Twisted Nether lately, her blog would be a good place to start reading again. (Her writing style, although very unique to her, reminds me a lot of Larisa’s from the Pink Pigtail Inn days, especially when she gets into deeper topics. I get nostalgic!)

The Godmother’s ALT:ernative is another selection from my Favorite’s folder. Her frequent posts are as varied as the characters she plays, with topics ranging from guild leadership to news to reflections to fictions, but always have at least two things in common: they are a pleasure to read and add some extra perspective on the game. An excellent addition to any WoW feed reader!(My apologies for missing this blog when I first published this post!)

Got suggestions? I want to have them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m in desperate need of new blogs to read. I’ll be happy to get my eyes on any kind of blog, but paladin blogs and thought-provoking blogs get a special kind of love. Comment me, email me or twitter me your links and help satisfy my cravings for new reading materials!

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28 Comments on “The Much Needed Blogroll Update”

    • Ophelie Says:


      I actually do have your blog in my favorites folder in my reader! I love your posts, especially the ones about your guild leading experiences.

      Hmm, give me a few minutes to update my post…

  1. Kurnmogh Says:

    Looking forward to exploring your new links, thanks so much for sharing them with us all! And thanks for the plug for my new projects. I really appreciate your support! πŸ™‚

    • Ophelie Says:

      Anytime! I haven’t had the chance to read your guide yet (other than the sneak peaks) but I’m really looking forward to it. You’ve had so many experiences and have a great way of talking about them.

  2. Thx for the links.
    You wrote too much in link

  3. Duke of O Says:


    Forgive the self-promotional plug but since I am a holy Paladin writing a new blog I thought I might give you my site address

    My blog is about gaming and MMOs. In WoW I usually focus on the PvP side of things, but hopefully I will be able to write some articles about healing and raid leading in Rated BGs in the future. I also have links to YouTube footage of our team in action, which I’ll be adding to once 5.4 becomes live.

    Anyway, thanks for your time!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Awesome, thanks!! Welcome to the party!

      PvP contents is always extra-appreciated since so few people ever write about it. Looking forward to following your work!

  4. Katherinne Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! You are my go-to pally always!

  5. PlaidElf Says:

    And I’m going to be adding you to -my- blogroll because I’m about to give holy paladin-ing a go and this looks like a good source for resources. And I’m going to need resources ’cause I only know how to prot and ret XD

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yay a new paladin blog! I added you to my reader and the general pally category on my blog.

      Good luck with holy! It’s a super fun spec to play (though I’m a little biased since that’s almost all I play) and our (little) blogger/twitter/podcaster community is very friendly.

  6. saifansari Says:

    I thought I was out, but the new patch is pulling me back in….!

  7. Here are a few off the top of my head:

    Fabulor! A holy paladin with THE BEST hair.

    For the pretties.

    Just because spacegoats can be paladins and I happen to be leveling one right now. (A spacegoat, I mean, not a paladin.)

    • Ophelie Says:

      Rades’ blog is a staple in my Holy Paladin blogroll! Everyone needs a little Fabulor hair in their life.

      I added the other links to my reader. Thank you for the good reads suggestions! (And I was following your own blog already!)

  8. theerivs Says:

    I’ll be sure to check out some of those blogs. No real hardcore holy pallie pvpers though…hmm a niche needs to be filled I feel. πŸ˜‰

  9. […] one of my favorite bloggers Bossy Pally updated her blog post. Β At first I couldn’t find my blog in her blog roll. I was a little bummed. Then I saw my […]

  10. Cymre Says:

    You were the first commenter on my blog that I recognised (almost two years ago now) so thank you for that.

  11. oh my gosh I just found you on a friend’s blog and I am SO happy right now! I shall be stalking *ahem* following you from now on! πŸ™‚

  12. Nicolause Says:

    I read some of the others, Mentor… but you’ll always be the one I search out I am hoping that will change. And always I turn to your writing for guidance.

    • Nicolause Says:

      Bleh, auto correct hates me. What I meant to say is that “I don’t do much game-wise these days, but I am hoping that will change”. Forgive the sloppy posting, please.

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