This is how a WoW Raiding Career Ends

Since the Epic Journey became official, I pictured my WoW raiding career ending with a euphoric heroic expansion-end boss kill. My imagination conjured cheering, a few tears and massive mental hugs given to those guildies I get along best with.

Nothing goes as planned, though, and it seems my WoW raiding career ended a few weeks ago. It was the most anticlimactic moment ever, with a half-full 25 man group and a lot of sitting around.

Since then, I’ve been doing LFR on my mage to gear up for challenge modes.

Attendance had been too much of a problem lately. You’d think everyone would be pushing everyone else to get their heroic 25 Garrosh kill, but I guess the slow progression through Siegecrafter and Paragons burned out a lot of our team. The raid was fed up before the Garrosh wipes even started.

I may have contributed to the attendance problem a bit myself, with my late-late work hours and my constantly being on the road.

The decision was made to get the kill on 10 for everyone who wants it. So our A team has been in there, night after night, wiping for a good cause. I’ve been tracking their progress and I suspect whatever bitter taste I have in my mouth is from habit only. There was a time where I’d rage till I turned blue about being left out.

These days, I feel almost….relieved

Paladins have been so frustratingly weak in 25s this tier, at least compared to the disc priests and the shaman I play with, that my confidence has been squished to nothing. Plus, more importantly, I think, with my work days often extending from 9 am until 11pm/midnight and my days off consumed with either travel or housework, and the very ends of my evenings dedicated to a boyfriend who likes to not be neglected, I find that during raid time, I’m more inclined to pass out on my keyboard than participate actively.

The past few months, I’ve been in tears, ranting about how much I miss being able to enjoy raid. How much I miss looking forward to raid all week, how much I miss blogging about it every second day. Now here I am, in the kind of guild I’ve been aiming for since getting hooked on raiding and all I want to do is sleep.

So that’s how this WoW raiding career ended: with a beloved class getting destroyed, a burned out raid team, and most significantly, an offline life that slowly consumed what few hours I had to myself to play video games.

It'll be dark for awhile.

It’ll be dark for awhile.

If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me on the couch, under a blanket, savoring my limited minutes of self-indulgence.

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16 Comments on “This is how a WoW Raiding Career Ends”

  1. Corey Hunt Says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s how most end, to be honest. Mine did. Until the next xpac. Again. For a while.

    Enjoy your break. Take a nap 🙂

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oh I plan on it, hahaha

      Yeah, it seems like WoW courses tend to fizzle out more often than explode. After reading for blogs for so long, though, I kinda expected more of a bang, or at very least, a series of difficult, gut-wretching dilemmas.

  2. Balkoth Says:

    Sounds awful, I’m sorry to hear that.

    And yeah, working from 9 AM to 11 PM plus being in a relationship is going to suck all of your energy away. Nothing left to expend on raiding at that point.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Pretty much, yeah. It’s especially the scheduled stuff that gets to me, I think. When I was in pharmacy school, I was just as busy if not more, but I think that because my schedule was so flexible back then, the regular, planned aspect of raiding was lovely. Now that most of my time is booked in stone, I crave spontaneous or changing hobbies.

  3. Redbeard Says:

    Come back and tell us about your epic journey. Keep looking toward the horizon.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Will do! Can’t promise that my epic journey will be interesting to read about, but I am really looking forward to sharing it.

  4. healingspec Says:

    Although I’ll miss our paladin chats I fully understand that taking a break from raiding and or the game, can be a good thing. However, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the end of Ophelie and her giant badass spoon. Enjoy the break!! Your friend,


    • Ophelie Says:

      We should definitely keep in touch!

      I don’t plan on leaving Twitter or the blogging world (not that I participate in either of those much anymore), I’ll just probably kinda boring since I won’t have anything at all to say about pallies anymore.

  5. AliPally Says:

    I used to raid 4 days a week back in BC and Wrath, but those days are over.
    I was invited to a normal Garrosh kill this week by my guild and I was just so happy after the raid that it was a one-off; I just don’t want to do that anymore.

    I worry that you are over-doing it in your job; 12+ hours a day just isn’t healthy. Anyway, enjoy your journey! I hope you have a fabulous time.

    • Ophelie Says:

      It really isn’t healthy. Especially since I don’t even get paid for what I do outside of store open hours. But, the work needs to get done and if I can’t do it while the store is open, then late into the night I work. I get through it by telling myself that it’s just short term and there’s no way I’m going back to it when I come home from overseas.

      I am enjoying the raiding break. I still like the act of raiding and I like my guild but, yeah, I’m kinda over scheduled play time. If all goes well, I’ll get carried to a Heroic Garrosh kill before I leave. It’s not as exciting as working toward it, but it’s better than nothing, haha.

    • xaiyne Says:

      Lol my gm works 12 hours and still tanks for a heroic raid team 3x nights a week. I think he is kinda crazy, too. Also has kids and a wife. I personally would go insane. But for him, it’s relaxing.

  6. Navimie Says:

    Sigh, it seems anticlimactic now, but somehow a new door may open and you’ll think… THANK GOD I wasn’t raiding when I chose those lotto numbers/saved that dog from being run over/met some famous person that makes you squeeee!

    I am excited for your other thing however, epic journey and all, and hope to follow your new adventures.. if they have internet way out in the middle of nowhere.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thank you! I do plan on blogging about my adventures, although I cannot guarentee it will be interesting at all, haha.

      I’m all for winning the lottery while not raiding, haha. But even if nothing happens at all, I constantly remind myself of how nice it is to not stress about keeping my Friday and Saturday nights free.

  7. xaiyne Says:

    …youre complaining about the same things im complainingabout as disc in a 10 man heroic that has to heal with a holy paladin (we 3 heal though, the group refuses to drop a healer even though we outgear everything…smh). Like exactly the same thing. I easily rank or near the top 150 until we put a geared hpal in group. Then after he got geared, my absorbs do the worst they have ever done. It makes me want to never play again and the guild doesnt seem to understand why that takes the fun out of healing. We are both just in the wrong raid size rofl. Although disc is actually NOT that strong overall in either 10 or 25 late in the tier. Only at the beginning. Resto druid and resto shaman are the best. Anyway. Im not insulting anyone here so i apologize if any comes off that way. More like im trying to say i feel exactly the way you do except my feelings are toward hpal. The brief time i was in a 25H there was no hpal and i was holy priest, so i cant really comment on that setup.

    It is a wonderful time to take a break though. Maybe you will come back refreshed next expansion. Or naybe not. Who knows? 🙂

    Sorry if there are any weirs typos. Tried to fix them all. Posting from mobile ~

    • Ophelie Says:

      10m is a little different. I didn’t follow the logs for them much since I rarely do 10m raiding. From what I did see, it seemed pallies were still the minority in the top healer logs, though they showed up more frequently than in 25.

      I can’t see how Disc priest could ever not be strong, regardless of raid size. Perhaps there are some fights and some strats where their numbers would be weaker, but they still have far better raid wide CDs (as in, priests actually HAVE raid wide CDs, and pallies only have a 6 sec magic damage reduction and maybe Holy Avenger).

      It’s too early to say if I’ll come back or not. After the Epic Journey, I’d kinda like to have a family – which won’t leave me much time for heroic raiding. And I can’t picture myself just playing casually. Whenever I’ve tried to take raiding breaks in the past, I’d get annoying. But it’s hard to say where I’ll be in a 1-2 years.

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