The Bossy Pally is, well, a paladin who tends to be rather bossy. When she’s not yelling at players in BGs (faction is irrelevant) or having her way with unruly PuGs, she’s analyzing every little detail to eliminate anything…suboptimal.

But deep down inside, she enjoys absurd humour, has a crazy high /hug number on her character stats, loves her drama and is still won’t accept the fact that she can’t fit Pursuit of Justice into all her builds.

This blog is somewhat of a scrapbook of random things scooped up (and/or beaten into people) by her Giant Spoon. A little bit paladin discussion, a lot of thoughts on how people who can’t see each other interact, spiced up with an adequate dose of TMI.

* The Banner and the About Page paladin and spoon were graciously created by the lovely Faith. If you would like to commission some art, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her. The drawing of Real Life Bossy Pally at the top of the About Page is the gracious work of Vidyala from Manalicious who can be contacted for commission via her blog.

2 Comments on “About”

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