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I would like to begin being a raid beginner

June 19, 2009

This is a writeup I’ve been meaning to do for my guild because I do encounter this situation with some new 80s. As a small, casual raiding guild, we often barely scrape by to get enough people for 25 mans – and can’t always afford to exclude someone “who’s not quite raid ready”. Even if their combat rogue is specced for daggers, swords and maces all at the same time, and shows up wearing unenchanted, ungemmed casting leather. Or cloth. Plus, such players are often the most laid back, kindest people in the guild, which make them well loved outside of raids. Besides, I have so much fun learning and teaching about other classes, it would be a shame to just /gkick them.

From talking with such players time and time again, I’ve come to notice a common theme: I don’t know where to start. There are guides, FAQ for every class, but to someone who’s lucky to get 2 hours to themselves a week to raid and maybe 15 minutes during lunch breaks to check the internet, this information is very overwelming. I have looked around for a getting-ready-to-raid guide that could be applied to any class and found nothing. So I’ve written down the step-by-step method I use for my own toons as well as when I make plans for someone elses toon. (more…)