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How to Tank Heroics and Not Run Out of Mana

December 26, 2009

This post is dedicated to a former guildie and dear friend. It’s not much, but I do what I can.

There’s something I’ve been wanting to address for a long time, but never got around to it. But now with pugging made easy through the LFD system, the lack of tanks and the abundance of highish ilevel gear, the time is ripe. Especially when I hear horror stories of disc priests getting kicked from the ICC 5-mans for using Power Word: Shield. Especially when the tank is glyphed like this:

Taken from a real armory screenshot.

Yes, keeping your mana up can be a challenge when you’re a brand new tank sporting tier 9 gear. But it can be done. Here’s how.


Shared Topic: Class Spells and Misunderstandings – Paladin style

December 19, 2009

So far, it looks like I’ll be the only one taking part in this week’s shared topic, but it’s okay, I’ve never been all that good with sharing anyway. The shared topic (which probably isn’t going to be shared) for this week was suggested by Rilandune of A Rogue’s Tale and the original thread can be found on Blog Azeroth.

This is a topic I have planned for an upcoming piece. It happens far too often that players of another class simply do not understand your own class, and for that matter everyone elses. The classes within WoW are so dynamic that there is a large gap in understanding between those who play [insert class here] and everyone else who does not.

What 3 core abilities, be they spec dependent or core class spells, would you most like to see every other player know and understand? These could lead to better teamwork in PvP, or cleaner, more concise raiding environments where, for instance, everyone understands how the Hunter Misdirection works.

I’ve written in depth discussions about specific spells before, notably the Blessings, Divine Sacrifice and Beacon of Light. If you’re interested in the ins and outs of paladining, I suggest you check them out. I’m going to bend the topic a little because, lets face it, I never do things the way I’m supposed to. Still, when it comes to paladin spells, some things need to be said. Said, and sometimes beaten into people by my giant spoon. So here’s what I’m going to talk about: the use of my tanking shield, resurrecting etiquette and the darker side of blessings.

Things you (and me and them) can do with a tanking shield

A shield can be used to block, which decreases damage taken. You can also use it to bash enemies over the head, which damages and angers your victims. And if you have to, you can throw it from a distance to grab an enemy’s attention or to shut them up for a few seconds.

Not a tanking shield

Me: I can’t line of sight, could someone silence that caster for me?
Person X: Use your shield.
Me: *sigh*

What they say is true, if a pally tank does does their talents properly, Avenger’s Shield will silence for 3 seconds. On the downside, it also dazes whatever it hits, so chances are the silence will run out before those casters reach us. It’s also on a 30 second cooldown and takes up a lot of mana, which is sometimes an issue in a 5 man. Yes, it’s a great spell, but it’s not always available.

And just because I get asked this all the time, Block Rating increases a tank’s (or anyone’s, really) chance to block an attack and Block Value increases how much damage will be absorbed by a block.

How to Die and Be Rezzed Properly in 6 Easy Points

1- Really, you shouldn’t be pulling aggro (unless you’re the tank) or standing in bad looking things in the first place.
2- Paladins can’t battle rez. As long as we’re in combat, you’re not getting a rez.
3- If the rezzer in the party seems to be at least sort of aware of what’s going on, don’t ask for a rez.
4- If the rezzer has died and will need to run back, release and run back too. The rezzer isn’t below you in any way. If he has to run back, so do you.
5- Upon rezzing, sit down and eat. If the healer is busy drinking, then you should be busy eating. Don’t expect to be spoonfed health points.
6- Upon rezzing, thank the rebuffers. Don’t ask for buffs unless it’s really obvious they forgot.

Why do I always get so pissy when talking about rezzes? Anyway, moving on.

Be Patient about Blessings

If there’s more than one paladin in the party, it might take a few minutes to them to come to an agreement. We’re not like priests or mages who can just buff the whole raid with one click. (And if priests and mages sometimes screw up, then we’re allowed a break!) While the system is far from the headache it used to be, it can still be confusing to a new level 80 paladin, especially one who doesn’t have PallyPower or ZOMGbuffs installed. Personally, I discuss buffs (I’ll do kings, you do might) in party/raid chat at the beginning of a PuG so the others can see whats going on, but it doesn’t seem to be common practice.

Also, if you get battle rezzed, you’ll probably be given a temporary 10 minute buff. It’s ok. Most fights are shorter than 10 minutes and you’ll get a full buff after you’re out of combat.

Note that Blessing of Sanctuary (3% damage reduction) is a prot talent and must be given by a tank. Note as well that Blessing of Might and Blessing of Wisdom can be improved via talents points. These blessings are identical to a Warrior’s Battle Shout and a Shaman’s Mana Spring Totem, respectively, so a crappy version of either Might or Wisdom can be overwritten by the improved Battle Shout or Mana Spring Totem. In the future, when the Might given to you by the holy paladin disappears while there’s a dps warrior in the group, you’ll know why.

And there you have it

3 spellish things about paladins that I wish everyone knew. If there’s something you wish everyone knew about your class, there’s still a few hours left, feel free to join in on the shared topic. Despite what I say, I really don’t mind sharing…too much.

Paladin Buff Assignments, the ultimate headache

October 11, 2009

pally power sad

Enough about me, back to being a full time paladin. One of the tasks I’ve passed onto others is my ultimate control over Pally Power. Now, blessing/aura assignments are not as crazy as they were back in the day (7 buffs omfg, I needed a list of who would be at the raid at least an hour beforehand to start working on assignments) and my guild has so many paladins (totally my doing) that it’s rarely complicated. But, being the control freak that I am, I wanted to make sure that all our pallies had something they could reference if they had to set buffs and weren’t too sure where to start. And, since you’d be surprised at how many people have paladin questions that they don’t dare to ask, I’m posting an generalized version here.

Before I get started, I want to mention that you will need to be group leader (in a 5 man) or raid assist (note, “main assist” and “raid assist” are two different things) to be able to modify other people’s buffs in Pally Power. Now on with the show. (more…)