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Blizzcon Planning!

May 21, 2011

I was at school all day, so I had to buy my ticket at the library. I logged in at 2:15 pm, about 15 minutes before the tickets went on sale. Then I realized: I totally didn’t think to bring my authenticator. Ooops.

I crossed my fingers and quickly made myself a new account. It worked! And I finished it in time to refresh the ticket page a few times.

Then, after what felt like the longest 3 minutes of my life, a refresh brought up a different screen. I didn’t even stop to think about how many tickets I wanted. I just slammed on the “purchase” button. At least, that’s what I assume the button said. Reading it would have wasted too much time.

Aaaand my place on the queue?


Well, about that. Something like 2900. 20 minute wait.

I honestly didn’t care either way if I got a ticket. If I didn’t, I’d play tourist and party hard at night. If I did, then I’d look forward to the cinematics panel. (*shrug* I’m visual, I like cinematics.) So I was surprised at how much fun I had sitting in line, watching the queue get smaller, wondering if I’d get a ticket or not. I’m sort of tempted to buy another ticket on Wednesday, just for fun.

The Question of Accommodations

Which brings up the question of accommodations. I want to make reservations as soon as possible since rooms go fast, but I’m not sure what I want to do yet. Neither of my current guilds are doing Blizzcon and I don’t know what my future West Coast guild will be doing because I don’t know who my future West Coast guild will be. A few friends are going to Blizzcon, but either their taste is waaaay out of my budget, or they’re staying with too many people I don’t know for me to want to invite myself.

I could get my own room. I like my peace and quiet and I’ll have a good job by October so money won’t be as tight.

But then it would also be fun to have some people to show up at events with. Or people to listen to my all night ramblings.

I know that there are a few others solo Blizzcon travelers who are in the same boat, so if you’d like a roommate or several roommates, send me an email and I’ll bake up some plans. I do cheap but classy. And near the convention center.

I’d, um, prefer female roommates, with this being the internet and all, but I would make exceptions for guys I know well. And, would prefer people that I’ve had some previous interaction with. I like adventure, but I’d kind of like to not share a room with an axe murderer. Or, less dramatically, someone unreliable.

Anyway, yeah, send me an email (not a comment) if you’re interested and not creepy.