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October 21, 2010

Well, I’m leaving for Blizzcon in about 4 hours. Over 12 hours of travel, 5 time zones… The Aussies and the Brits will mock me for being a lightweight.

It’s funny how I’ve been daydreaming about this week for so long that now that it’s almost time, it doesn’t feel real. It’s become a figment of my imagination, it’s not supposed to actually happen. But sure enough, I’m ready to take a quick nap then make my way to the airport.

I gave myself a challenge: I decided to travel carry-on only. I had to pull some tricks, but I manage to fit 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, 5 shirts, 2 dresses, all my socks and underwear, my makeup, my washing stuff (my hair refuses to tolerate hotel shampoo), my hair straightener and study material for 2 classes in a tiny carry-on bag. I have no idea how I’ll manage to fit it all back in for the trip home.

Of blog stuff, I’m not bringing my laptop with me. I didn’t find the time to update our spell coefficients, but Brangwen of Non-Elitist Raiding Diary offered to take on the challenge. I’ll do some experiments next week when I get back.

I also forgot to do the writeup for last week’s Shared Topic post at Twisted Nether. Oops. Looks like it’ll be a double writeup next week.

As for my schedule, in case any of you would be interested in having a drink and/or smoothie with me, my schedule is something like this:

Day- Arrive at LAX, meet up and hang out with guildies.
Supper- Probably go somewhere with guildies (and OMG I can’t WAIT to eat decent food again! I miss fresh vegetables!)
Evening- WoW Insider Meetup at the Annabella (I’ll probably be there early and leave when it gets too crowded. Crowds and me do NOT mix!)

Day- Since I didn’t get my midterm schedule until after the tickets went on sale, I didn’t bother buying a ticket. So I’m just going to hang around the city and play tourist.
Evening- Twisted Nether and Raid Warning meetups. Will probably go to the TNB meetup at Bubbagumps first, then meet up with my guildies at the Raid Warning’s once I’ve said hi/shaked hands/handed out hugs to everyone.

Day- Either hanging out with a guildie or two, or just playing tourist again.
Evening- Probably going to the Con After-Party for some time, then try to convince some of my guildies to go clubbing. I BOUGHT CLUB CLOTHES JUST FOR BLIZZCON.


Day- There was talk of a beach day among guildies, but it’ll depend on the weather…
Evening- Flying home and back to reality 😦

A Quick Note on Comments

August 22, 2010

I never drafted up a comment policy because, really, I’ve never had to. In a small blog like this, issues in comments rarely come up. Even when I get into very controversial topics, I’m impressed by the maturity and quality of the resulting discussion.

I’m also not very anal about rules in comments. I’m fine with people disagreeing with me, I’m fine with some discussions going slightly off topic, and as long as you guys are ok with it, I’m fine with you guys disagreeing with each other.

But after thinking about this for a few days, there’s one thing I’m not going to tolerate:

Berating, judging and overall nastyness targeted at specific individuals or bloggers who are not participating in the discussion.

I’m also not going to put up with anyone telling me who I can and can’t link to, other than, of course, the person being linked to and the wordpress TOS.

I don’t think I really need to put a disclaimer anywhere, after all this is my blog and what I do with comments is my choice, but since a few days went by before I decided to delete those comments (actually, I didn’t delete them, I flagged them as spam) I thought I owed somewhat of an explanation.

But yeah, I don’t want to get caught up on blog wars that don’t concern me.

Respectful criticism of a quote, of a blog post (with link included!) or a well known event is totally ok, but personal vendettas have no place here.

Notice anything different around here?

April 17, 2010

I’m excited to say I made a few changes to my blog! There’s more to come, but I’m tiredandstillhavetogetreadyforthemove

Huge, huge thanks to Faith for drawing this fantastic banner! You should be able to find more of her work on her facebook album. I believe she does do commission work, so feel free to drop her a message! (ps. THE GAME!) Big thanks as well to my guildie Hempia for all the work she put into the banner too!

I updated my sidebar with more links to posts and links to other paladin blogs. I’m not finished updating my paladin blogroll yet because I’m tired and feel like my fingers are about to fall off (where did all these great blogs suddenly come from?), but if you know of a regularly updated paladin blog that I might probably forget, feel free to leave me a link. I should get around to it eventually.

Ideally I’d like to add a few pages to lump my sort of useful posts and my shameless self loving ego posts in one place and clear my sidebar of all the orange text, but I think that’ll have to wait until after I move.


Ok, I’m going to go panic and run around in circles some more. Thank you again Faith and Hempia for the great banner!


Love is in the Blog

February 7, 2010

Singles Awareness Day is a week from now and the Love Is In The Air event is starting up in the game. Are you guys finishing up the stupid candies achievement for your Purple Drake? Thank goodness I got that last candy on the last day! While the event is very cute, I got a lifetime’s worth of it last year. I don’t expect to be getting my hands dirty again any time soon.

Wait, wait, you say there’s some new items this year? Among others, a Toxic Wasteling pet and a Heartbreaker? Ok, I suppose I’ll head over to Scarlet Monastery Shadowfang Keep  a few times.

But really, I’d rather do a different kind of Love Is In The Air achievements this year. I’d like to take the event to my blog. Love is in the Blog!

With me being Ms Hardened Singleton Extraordinaire, you’d think I’d hate Valentine’s/Singles Awareness/Male Judgment Day, however you choose to call it. You’d think. But I don’t. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays. It’s the one time of year where I have an excuse to be a sappy shmoock and drive my friends, my colleagues, my acquaintances, random strangers on the street crazy with displays of affection.

Since this is a WoW blog, I want to use the next week to spread a little WoW love. Or raise WoW singleton awareness. Or get in touch with my sentimental side. I haven’t planned it all out yet, but I’m excited to announce that love will be in the blog.

EDIT: Just thought I’d mention, I’m totally not claiming copyrights on the idea (and as far as I know, it could have been done by people in the past). If anyone is at a loss for blog ideas this week and wants to join in on the theme, I’m all for it and will even link back to you.