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Faction Champs Secrets Uncovered

November 9, 2009

Joanadark over at Maintankadin figured out how the Faction Champions fight worked. If you haven’t read the thread yet, well, what are you waiting for?

I’m not going to copy his post here but I want to highlight some parts of it since I found it to be quite an interesting read. Faction Champs is a fight I’ve hated since day one and seeing a “this is how it works” thread made me say “OMG COULDN’T YOU HAVE DONE THIS THREE WEEKS AGO?” (I’m a tough audience)

Anyway, a lot of the points were things we’ve all noticed but had attributed to coincidence or other mechanics. All you warlocks whining about how all the melee hits you first, turns out you’re right. They do hate you more. Well, hates a strong word, they just like seeing you die first, ‘cos as stupid as they are, they’re not that stupid. As for me, whenever I heal the fight I complain that they never attack me. Now I know why. I see it how it is. They won’t look at me unless I take my clothes off. =/ (Thats a not impressed face)

Those who say they were one shotted? They weren’t one shotted, they were 5 shotted. They just got hit by all the targets at the same time because that dot made their health the lowest. Which was probably my fault for not dispelling, but shhhhhhhh.

Finally, all those times where we’d get the first target to 20% and we’d get the illusion that his health would jam, it wasn’t an illusion. Their healers use raid frames too! Damn them!

What makes the post so awesome is that Joanadark doesn’t just say “here’s what I found!”. He makes some pretty valid suggestions as to how to make this fight a little easier. Nothing beats reading the thread, but here’s a quick recap of the most useful tips:

– If the clothies are tired of dying first, have them chug an indestructible potion before the pull.
– Tanks who want to keep an enemy interested on them can put on their dps gear
– If someone is getting owned by casters, lesser flask of resistance FTW
– If you weren’t dispelling DoTs already, now would be a good time to start.
– Wait until your first target is low on health before blowing your CC on the healers.
– You can distract their healers by dpsing, without killing, one of their pets.

Also of interest, it’s been confirmed that many warlocks were killed in the Faction Champs AI testing. You may take that as you wish.