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(Usually) Attractive Raid Team looking for Likeminded Teammates

September 13, 2011

So you like to play WoW, and you like to play WoW well. And you like to raid. But you’re having trouble finding a guild that meets your crazy hours. Maybe you have an erratic work schedule. Or maybe you’re only available one night a week.

Good news!

My guild, Team Sport, is a group of people who have weird work schedules, who have limits on how much they can play. And we also have members who never miss a raid. What we have in common: the time we have to play, we do our best to make the most out of.

We’d love to have a few more like-minded people to join our ranks. We especially need dps, but due to the nature of our group, there’s always room for another healer or another tank.

Sound like you?

We raid on Tuesday and Thursday, from 5 to 8 Pacific Time on Nerzhul (Alliance side).

We’ve got 4 bosses down in Firelands and we’re working on our Alysrazer kill as well as getting Baleroc on farm.

We play well. We learn fights fast. Deaths to standing in crap are rare. It’s just that with such a tight raid schedule and constantly changing raid composition, progress isn’t just handed to us. I’ve written before about how we’re growing as a team and I’m excited to say that we’re living up to hopes and expectations. (That’s right. Anyone who dares take a random AFK mid-raid without a valid excuse gets to meet the Giant Spoon up close and personal.)

But we could really use a few more teammates.

Wondering what we’re like?

Our guild is kind of the opposite of other raiding guilds. Most raiding guilds focus on their raid team, with a friends and family rank. We’re a social guild with a raiding rank. Members of the raid team don’t have to be full members of the guild at large, as long as they’re committed to raiding with us. We have no attendance policy: like you, we’re all busy and can’t make every raids.

We’re fairly democratic too, with all important decisions being made through voting. It took me 6 months to discover that we had a GM. We don’t have official officers. Our raid leaders are just members who believe in the team and go the extra mile to make sure we keep killing bosses. Obviously, we’re not for the cutting edge player, but if you’re tired power-struggle-ridden guilds, you’ll feel refreshed by our equality-based and democratic atmosphere.

The general feeling is pretty laid back. We’ve got enough gossip to make life interesting, but in the over 6 months I’ve been in the guild, I’ve never seen any major blow outs (or, really, any blow out that I wasn’t personally responsible for ^_^). The old-timers have been gaming together since they were in diapers (or almost), and our new recruits tend to blend in so well that it is actually pretty hard to guess who is new.

Sound like an environment you’d enjoy?

Get in touch with me, either through email, twitter or whispering Rykga (or Snowfia or Eloïse) on Nerzhul. If you’re lucky I’ll show you my Spoon. Gently. Not the way I show the AFKers. You can also hit up our raid leader Thespius on twitter if you won’t take my word for it. (He has no Spoon though.)

Oh! And of course, check out our website and forums for more info!

ps. We are a sexy guild!