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Looking for something to do this Friday Night?

March 26, 2010

EDIT: That was so much fun! Hopefully I didn’t make too much of an arse of myself… Huge thanks to everyone that showed up!

I’m really excited to announce that barring any technical difficulties, I’ll be on the Twisted Nether Blogcast tonight! I’m a huge TNB fangirl, so I’m quite giddy at the moment. (To whoever recommended me: <3!)

Feel free to stop by the live chatroom and say hi! The show should start at 8 PST.

In other news, I think this will be the first week in about 6 months that I won’t be taking part in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic. I actually kind of feel bad about it, but I’m exhausted this week and don’t have it in me. The Topic itself, World of Awecraft, is fantastic though, so I still recommend you all check it out.

Another fun event to take part in (and non-bloggers can participate!) is a Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt organized by Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate. It involves hiding and finding eggs on participants’ blogs, check out her post for more info!

And I guess that kind of ends my classified section. I know I’ve been promising posts that are actually somewhat useful (and I feel uncomfortable when I get linked to as “a paladin blog” yet I haven’t talked about paladin stuff in forever), but with the end of semester burnout and tons of papers due, all I want to do is goof off. And since this is my blog and I can do what I want with it, goofing off it shall be.

I have been going through old paladin posts and updating them, though. I figure I have enough posts now for it to be worth sorting them better and creating some links pages. I expect to be finished, um, sometime before next year.

ANYWAY, I hope to see a fun and exciting TNB chatroom tonight!