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A Little Chatting Over Coffee

August 11, 2011

I don’t feel like writing a coherent, thought out, potentially useful post today. So I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to sit here with some coffee (ok, I’m lying, I haven’t taken the coffee machine out of the moving boxes yet – I’m actually drinking beer) and ramble. I’d apologize but I’m not sorry and I know you don’t mind anyway.

I didn’t answer comments

I didn’t answer any comments from the last post. Don’t worry, I read them all and I love that so many of you took the time to share your own drinking-during-heroics strategies. I edited in a reply to one of the points that came up a few times (you can’t miss it: italics at the end!) but otherwise I thought it best to leave the comments section alone. I had already explained the logic behind my strategy and the comments were everyone else’s turn to share their own strategies.

I’ll say this, though: I like my heroics fast. Like really fast. Like once I even got annoyed at some dps who were eating instead of letting me heal them.

I think most healers underestimate themselves. Ok, I don’t know most healers. Let me rephrase that. I think most vocal-in-the-blogosphere healers underestimate themselves. You guys kick ass, you really do. You can squeeze way more out of yourselves than you believe. And it’s fun to be challenged at times.

Of course, just because you’re awesome doesn’t mean that its ok for your pug-teammates to be rude. And yes, standing in shit, hitting random mobs instead of the tanks’ target, breaking CC, ignoring the healer, etc. is rude. Just making sure I’m not misunderstood here!

Strength in Numbers

I’ve been getting all my Marks of the World Tree and capping my Valor Points for the past few weeks. There was a lot of chatting about To Cap or Not To Cap awhile back. Me, I stick with my Social Contract theory. If your team as a whole tends to cap VP, then you’ll want to cap VP. You don’t want to hold them back. If no one caps their VP and you do, though, it’s a different story. You need to be uber motivated or else you’ll get very frustrated very fast.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been capping my VP. And to my utter and deepest delight, so have most of my teammates.

Just not at the same time as me.

When you’re only killing one, maybe two raid bosses a week, running the same two instances 5-6 times every week is tedious. That’s when I discovered Real ID.

Real ID + Twitter = Weapon of mass dungeon obliteration!

Whenever I needed a friend, I shouted out it on Twitter. I’ve been teaming up with Entropia, Anslym and Jed over the past few weeks and it’s been wonderful. (I share my real name with a celebrity so if anyone googles me, they’ll think I’m a rather attractive gaming company CEO. I don’t mind being mistaken for her.) I’ve been getting to know them better, hanging out on vent with them and laughing with them about nothings. And after a few hours of good times with friends, I end up with all these Valor Points.

Lodur even joined Entropia, Jed and I one night, finally earning me the ZA bear run achievement. I’d been wanting to do it since forever, but I haven’t gotten lucky with pugs. (I also teamed up with Lodur for dailies- we’re on the same server- and OMG they’re so much smoother when you do them with a friend!)

Oh, and one night my raid leader fished in his Real ID list and pulled out WoW Insider’s Fox Van Allen! I got so giddy fangirly, you’d never believe it! I don’t think I was able to type in a single thing all run.

So I gotta say, going out of my way to VP cap every week has been frustrating at times, but it’s also has some really awesome moments. As proud as I am of my associalness, I have to admit I’ve been converted to Real ID.

Gossip Corner

If I were reading this post, my eyes would be instantly drawn to the gossip section.

So, the decision everyone (well, not everyone, but everyone who has to put up with me on a regular basis) has been waiting to hear! I decided to stay with my guild for now. The general sentiment has been one of wanting to get more serious about raiding. And my sentiment has been that I’ve been looking for a project. Also, if you remember my post on the kind of leaders I want to follow, you’ll be interested to hear that the post was inspired by the common traits of a few of the WoW leaders I’ve met in my life. Including my current raid leader. (He doesn’t read my blog, so I can flatter him all he wants without worrying that he’ll get embarrassed.) While I do miss 25 mans and more progressive raiding, I think that, at the moment, I’m pretty spoiled.

Oh and there is also certain, um, possibly good news IRL. Which has nothing to do with my guild. Or WoW even. But its very exciting and fun. And that’s about as much as I can say on the blog. For now…