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I need some opinions!

January 8, 2010

I think we can all agree that I need to work a bit on visual side of my blog. Unfortunately, I lack any sort of eye for judging visual appeal. I’m the kind of person who gets dressed in the morning and has to ask my (male) housemate if my clothes match. So you can imagine how lost I am when it comes to making websites pretty.

Fortunately, Faith, the daughter of a guildie of mine, came to my rescue and offered to help me with my banner.

She drew this amazing picture of my character :

Isn’t it gorgeous? And I’m still in awe over those boots. Those are so me.

What I need is an opinion on whether or not it would fit well in my heading banner. Does it have the Bossy Pally feel? Does it suit my writing style?

(Note that it’s not coloured yet, but will be if I choose to use it in my banner.)

While I know I absolutely love the drawing, it’s difficult to tell from the inside if it really represents my writing.

An alternative position for my character would be to have her on her side, ankles crossed with the spoon laying about the whole length of the body. She’d have one arm resting on the spoon and her head resting on the other hand.

Which also sounds amazing.

So…what do you guys think?