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The Giant Spoon : A History

August 24, 2010

About a week ago, our friend Jaedia over at the Lazy Sniper reached an important milestone in her WoW blogging career: the one year blogiversary. Instead of celebrating by herself like other, more selfish bloggers, she reached out to everyone and proposed some personalized topics to those interested. Wondering what kind of topic she’d come up with for me, I jumped at the opportunity.

Sure enough, she gave me the question that I swear I’ve absolutely never, ever been asked before: What is the giant spoon?

It’s true that, while I’ve answered the question many times in comments, on podcasts and on Twitter, I’ve never written a blog post specifically about the Giant Spoon. After careful reflection, I’m not going to here either. See, all the important bits of the story are short and boring. So I’m not going to tell the short, specific story, I’m going to tell the long story.

It all started one late summer evening, way too long ago. My friend Anna called me, all excited: “Hey can I come over? I have a video game I want you to play!

Um..ok…what’s it about? Is it an adventure game? In a medieval setting? You know I only play adventure games in medieval settings.”

She hesitated for a moment. Anna’s white lies were always so obvious. “It’s sort of like an adventure game…and the towns are all different, some of them are medieval. Most of it is more futuristic…

I dunno. Science fiction isn’t my thing. I like historical stuff.

Just give a try, I promise, you’ll love it!

Then she came over and forced her video game down my throat. It’s a good thing she sat next to me and made me hit that “enter” button over and over again. Otherwise her game would have found itself buried it under my large of pile of games I don’t play and this blog would have a different name. I didn’t like this not-adventure, futuristic game. It was so stupid. There were no combat options, all I could do was select “attack” and hit enter repetitively. When I died to the first boss, I lost my temper. “This game doesn’t let me do anything! Why did it kill me?” She promised it would get better, but I didn’t believe her.

I stuck with it, though. I can’t abandon a poor video game. Then one day, it finally clicked. In an awesomely animated movie, my character burst out of an office tower in a badass motorcycle. I screamed in delight. OMG this was cool! I went back to my save point and played the movie over again. And again.

In case you don’t recognize the scene, the game was Final Fantasy VII and that very moment had me committed as an FFVII fangirl for life.