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Cuba, sí

April 17, 2011

Tomorrow night, I have to hop on a plane and head to a country with very minimal internet access. I know. It’s tough. There I’ll have to look at amazing scenery, prance around a beach in a bikini, eat endless amounts of free food and drink as much free booze as a I can handle. It’s a tough, tough life.

So I’ll be internetless for a week, which means no email, no answering comments and no Twitter. Try not to miss me too much.

But! I got a number of internet thingies done before I leave, so if you need your Bossy Pally fix (my ego knows no bounderies ;D), be sure to check my Holy Pally 101 post at TopRosters (which, in the end, took the appearance more characteristic of a guide rather than a real 101). Leave as much love or criticism as you wish, but be patient since I won’t get around to answering until next week.

And if you’d rather hear my suave (and by suave I mean squeaky and offkey) voice, the first real episode of the Double O podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. We had a lot of fun recording it. We use an article from Kotaku as a starting point to talk about our experiences as being women and being gamers. Men are welcome too, of course.

The editing process for that one ended up being a nightmare. My editing software kept crashing, and when I finally managed to reach the end of the podcast (after no less than 6 hours), it wouldn’t let me export the file to a more…useful…format. As I was tittering on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Fimlys came to my rescue by suggesting I play the file on my computer and use Audacity to record it.

It was one of the moments where the light shines on you and you hear naked baby angels singing.

Audacity record sounds from computer” was what I typed in Google. Had to jump through a few hoops (Windows Vista apparently does not approve of recording sounds from your computer), but in the end, I finally had a podcast.

Last week we got some feedback about awkward silences, so I was very aggressive with cutting them out. I….also….tend to….talk with…a lot…of….pauses. So I cut in there in hopes to make myself sound less verbally challenges. The end result isn’t perfect as some pauses probably should have been left in, but, hey! there are NO MORE awkward silences!

Secret Santa Guest Post: 5 Tips to make your healer happy, applies in Dungeons & Raids!

December 25, 2010

[EDIT by Ophelie] I’m really excited. I received a Secret Santa guest post from Nicegrl for Christmas! (And now I look like a slacker since I haven’t written my Secret Santa guest post yet.) Seems like she spends as much time as I do pugging heroics. I got a good laugh from her post and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Hello everyone I am Nicegrl guest posting for Bossy Pally. As most of you in Blog Azeroth community know, it is time for Secret Santa: Version 2010. I thought “Yay, this is fun” and signed up filled with joy. Until I got my mail: “You’ve been paired up!‏” (with a moderator of Blog Azeroth, so you better write something perfect or we will find you and make sure your blog just.. dies and your druid too) So I went into the fetal position, (as most healthy and normal people would after getting a challenge like this) and thought long and hard what my post would be about. Hope you guys enjoy it.

5 Tips to make your healer happy, applies in Dungeons & Raids!

After having spent sometime in Cataclysm HCs, I thought I’d share some advice that I picked up from my experiences with expert PuG DPSes. Please give all credit to them for the contents of this post, as they were the source of such invaluable tips. Since me and Bossy Pally are both healers, I will explain from the perspective of a healer how you guys (as Tanks and DPS) can help us in instances and raids to make it a much more pleasant healing experience. Consider this your Christmas gift!

Step One: DO stand in the fire! In order to get out of the fire, you must move. Moving is bad, since you might get out of range of your healer. Getting out of range of your healer is bad, so don’t move. Flawless logic.

Step Two: Help the tank by attacking and taking aggro from a ranged mob/add. If one is being crowd controlled, this one is your first choice (see step 3). Remember, less damage on the tank is less damage the healer has to heal! Where might the rest of the damage go, you may ask. No one knows… No one knows…

Step Three: Crowd controlling (CCing) is for wusses. Overpower your enemy!

Take, for example, this great conversation I had in a random Heroic:
Tank: Who can CC?
Priest: ….r u kiddin?
Shaman: I’ll do it.

The Shaman is clearly a wuss. The Priest had Light Of The Dawn (Killing Lich King Heroic 25 man) so he must be right. Because having Light Of The Dawn means you’re automatically right… in everything! Also, your healer will run out of mana if you CC the mobs, because the fight lasts longer attacking mobs one at a time. Again, flawless logic.

Step Four: When a tank marks a target with a skull, DON’T ATTACK IT! Skulls signify danger, so you should attack any other mob but it. This also helps you accomplish step number 2!

Step Five: Tactics are for noobs. Leroy Jenkins got the job done when he ran into the whelp room and survived it all. For example, if the tank says you should concentrate on attacking the adds or move when the boss charges, don’t listen. There is no such thing as an immune boss, so just keep attacking it! If your interface pops up with messages indicating the boss is immune, just ignore it. It’s just the boss tricking you.

Bonus Tip: If all else fails, blame your healer. A wipe occurs when everyone’s HP runs out. It’s the healer’s job to heal. Therefore, the healer is to blame. Use this line as mathematical proof that you standing in the fire did not cause the wipe. If they try to explain otherwise, call them retards and /ragequit.

With the best wishes for a happy Christmas to you all!


Secret Santa Guest Post: What to get a Bossy Pally for Christmas

December 24, 2009

Guess what was waiting for me in my email when I woke up on Christmas Eve! Yep, yep! A wonderful Christmas guest post all for me! I’m so excited! And the topic? Best choice EVAIRE!

My Secret Santa was none other than the excellent Phoenix from Azeroth Metblogs. Thank you so much!

Look – I know how you feel. You’ve been reading the musings of a certain bossy pally for a long time now – I have too – and you still don’t know what to get her for the holidays. Let me help you out, as someone who even has a pretty pally damage machine waiting just for those times when I want to haul off and hit something with a hammer.

But before I get to that, you need to understand how you relate to Paladinica Bossifica Spoonula. I’m a hunter by trade; the way we handle things is to be as far away from the Big Nasty as possible, steady our gaze, and pew pew pew to our heart’s content – if you spend more time looking at the pretty graphics than you do looking at your cooldowns and making sure you’re on top of when your next shot is ready to proc or that your AP trinkets are up, you’re doing something wrong.

The paladin, on the other hand, is a different, strange, bewildering beast. They hit things up close! They shoot a cloud of righteous fire out of the ground around them! It’s madness! Seriously, the quickest way to a paladin’s heart is to treat them right: understand the class, don’t start shooting until the consecrate goes off, don’t make them heal if they don’t want to, remember that as long as a paladin has mana it’s on, if your pally friend is of the holy variety make sure you give them plenty of room (but don’t go so far as to be out of their healing range!), and then you see them pop their wings, you’ve got some serious competition for the top of the damage meters, so turn up your game.

Okay, is that settled? Now that you understand the heart of the paladin, you may be wondering, what could I possibly get my dear bossy pally for the happiest of holidays? I have the perfect gift: Her very own brand new shiny hunter!

You think I’m kidding, I’m not! A paladin and a hunter? Killer combo when it comes to damage, rep grinding, dailies, leveling, anything! You don’t even have to worry about spec, regardless of your spec or the pally’s spec, you two are destined to make an awesome combination – no foe will stand in your way.

That being said, someone help me tie this bow around my waist? What!? Go find your own pally!

Ophie’s note: Yessssss! I get my own awesome hunter! Phoenix is MINE MINE MINE now! I bet he didn’t know this, but for the longest time in my WoW playing career, my partner in crime
was a hunter. And he’s right, a pally/hunter team rocks. My teammate has long since been forced to leave the game and I miss him a lot. (I can’t help myself: “A new hunter? For me? I hope I don’t break him this time!”) Thank you again so very much, Phoenix!

EDIT: Forgot to add the links! Sorry about that! Fixed now!