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The Damper I Wasn’t Expecting on my Vacation

November 16, 2012

I avoided the internet for a few days while hanging out in Hawaii. It was awesome. I got way, waaaay more sleep than usual.

See that waterfall? I swam under that waterfall.

Then today I finally log in to happily share my sun-filled adventures and… and find out that my guild is no more.

It was one of those moments when you think “this can not possibly be happening!” Yet once I dried my tears, it occurred to me that I was expecting it all along, I just wasn’t expecting it to happen… you know…right now.

As far as I could tell, things were going well: our progression was excellent, we didn’t need to aggressively recruit anymore, everyone got along pretty well… Our leaders were extra-dedicated though and extra-dedicated leaders always crack.

Since I’m far from a proper computer, can’t listen in on mumble and was only fed a few lines on twitter, I only know the rumours. Plus it all happened literally a few minutes before I logged on, so it sounds like everyone is trying to figure out what hit us. Something about our leaders and a select group of players taking the guild (and the guild bank) offserver to be a 10s group, leaving the rest of us hanging.

Quite frankly, I expected better, but, in my time as an active member of the WoW community I’ve heard a lot of guild implosion stories and, well, this is pretty typical of guild leaders cracking. It sucks because I really liked this guild, really liked this guild. But if my past guild heartbreaks have taught me anything, it’s that nothing lasts forever and there’s no point in crying over the inevitable.

So what now?

It’ll be over a week before I can log into the game again. I have no idea what will happen to my fellow abandoned guildies.

Will they pull together to start over?

Will they merge with another 25s guild? (Since we have no leaders at the moment, we’re perfect candidates for mergers. We’re strong players and none of us need to be in charge.)

Will we all just scatter?

I can’t stop wondering what I want to do. I liked this guild. It’s hard to fit raiding around my work schedule, I don’t want to run 10s, and I sure as heck don’t want to do “casual raiding”. I tried casual raiding and hated it.

If my guildies go for a salvation attempt, I’ll be behind them 100% regardless of our chances, but if not, what are my options?

It’s really hard to come back after a break from raiding, but at the same time, I’m so tired of fighting to get my work schedule to let me raid. If I quit raiding, or joined a guild where I have a lot of friends as a social/occasional raider, my real life would be way easier. But I would miss raiding like crazy.

It’s times like this where I sort of regret not getting a 9-5 office job like everyone else.

(Amusing fact, a few weeks ago I went to Vegas with some ex-guildies and we joked about me going back to them. While I doubt they’d genuinely want me back, and I could never fit their raiding style or schedule, if I had to pick somewhere to return to as a non or occasional raiding member, I think I would enjoy their mumble server the most. Funny how fate teases us like that.)