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About my Policy Fiddling Hobby, Part 2

December 6, 2010

If you’ve read part 1 properly, then you’re super pumped about guild policy stuff now. Or maybe you’re not but you’re nosy about the inner workings of my guild (I can’t blame you, I’m always nosy about the inner workings of my guild too- I mean I like reading about other guilds).

Note that everything quoted here is still in draft mode and may or may not be accepted by my guild’s leadership. It’s really difficult to self evaluate clarity and concision so maybe all these quotes are crappy after all.

What I’m going to do in this post is talk about parts of the guild policy that I found more challenging to word and give a sample of the end result. None of the topics here will be revolutionary or shocking to guildies, they’re all either descriptions of Conquest’s current reality, or Cataclysm related policies that are consistent with our guild’s functioning. (And to guildies reading this: remember this is a draft form, if you do have comments on anything quoted here, please wait until the final version is posted on the website.)

About my Policy Fiddling Hobby, Part 1

December 5, 2010

I’ve been swamped with Cataclysm and finals preparations…despite what Kurn may say, for me, Cataclysm preparation has very little to do with in-game stuff and a lot to do with pre-studying for finals so I can actually play the expansion without ruining my GPA. However, like Kurn, I’m a team player and I did contribute to my guild’s Cataclysm preparation by pitching in with policy updates.

That’s right, guild policy update. This post is going to be about guild policy updates.

I know the term policy has a tendency to trigger an irresistible urge to sleep, especially if guild politics aren’t your thing. Just grab some coffee and I promise I won’t be too dry.

As a matter of fact, I think this is such an exciting and fascinating topic that I’ve split it into two parts! The first part (this one!) is about my experience and my attempts to convince you that guild policies aren’t horrible, scary things. The second part will go into specifics with some examples of how I handled the wording. (I freely admit part II exists for the sole purpose of showing off quotes I’m proud of.)

I like knowing what’s expected of me, don’t you?

I volunteered to update our guild policies. I’m not an officer, heck, with my crazy lifestyle, I struggle to keep my raider status. But I’ve disliked my guild’s website since day 1. Rules, details about guild functioning and culture, loot system explanations, etc., were scattered throughout individual threads in several forums, mixed in with regular chitchat threads. Some information about the guild wasn’t available at all.

Had I not heard and read about the workings of Conquest from Matticus (our GM) and Sydera, had this been a random guild website, I wouldn’t have applied. (And I would have missed out.)