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Oh noes the servers are still down!

September 1, 2009

My daily routine is all turned upside down. How sad. So instead of catching up on paperwork, I’m going to write random stuff in here because I haven’t prepared a proper entry.

On blogging: Surprisingly, I get a fair amount of hits. I don’t go public with this blog because I want blogging to be something fun and laid back. I want the freedom to post what I want, be it quality or crap, and I don’t want to worry about keeping up. I am still happy though when the odd person finds me on a search engine and clicks on a few posts. Sometimes, they’re actually looking for something WoW related. Most of the time they’re looking for something else… Can you guess what it is? …… Spoons. Giant spoons. I must get 5-6 hits a day from people looking for giant spoons. Sometimes with a cherry on top. All this time I thought I was a weird for having a thing for giant spoons. But apparently not. Apparently it’s one of those things everyone has but doesn’t talk about. Kind of like playing WoW.

On the new computor: It’s nice! It’s very nice! 25 man raids are so easy when you’re running on more than 3 fps! I have some problems with keyboard insensitivity (its so insensitive, no emotions at all!) where I have to pound on the keys to type. Hopefully that will clear up with use. Otherwise its all good.

On WoW: Our 10 man team beat Mimiron for the first time yesterday! Yay! Yes, welcome to 3 months ago you all say, but for my guild, that’s a big deal. 2 hour raids don’t allow for much time to learn fights and since most of our good raiders save their offnights for their families, 10 man runs are saved for special occasions. But of course, we didn’t take a picture and I forgot to get a shot for my blog. We took two swings at Vezax (or as we call him in our epic maturity, General Vagina), but the mana regen issues caught me with my pants down. Not a straightforward fight for a paladin tank! I extended the lockout and did some research… Should I manage to convince 9 dear guildies to spare a night for gaming I think Vagina, I mean Vexaz, will be ours by next week.

Oh my, servers still aren’t up. Evenings seem so much longer without WoW. I really need to find a backup hobby.

It’s so shiny!

August 30, 2009

I finally broke down and bought a new computor. The wireless card and the power supply in my laptop let go within hours of each other and since I had been already struggling with limited RAM and my flickering screen, I figured I might as well. Pressed on time, I only had about 2 hours to shop before leaving for work for two weeks.

“I want a laptop with a good graphics card so I can play WoW.”

Playing WoW is like picking your nose – in public, you shouldn’t ever admit to doing it . But being short on time, I figured I might as well be upfront with my needs. It’s like going to the doctor, the more honest you are, no matter how embarassing, the more they can help you.

I’m quite positive each one of the salemen played. After all, who doesn’t play Wow? Still, the reactions I received were mixed.

“Word of Warcraft? Is that a really demanding game?”

Yeah, right. I soooo believe you don’t know what WoW is.

“*whispers* WoW, um, yeah, *looks around nervously*, this one has a graphics card that would have no trouble handling WoW.”

It’s ok, talking WoW graphics with a customer shouldn’t hurt your future sales too much…

Not one asked me if I played a paladin. NOT ONE! Seriously, what kind of computor salesperson doesn’t want to talk about paladins?

Moving on, I quickly made my restore disks (OMG the store wanted to charge me 90$ and take 5 hours to make restore disks! What the hell? It takes 5$ worth of blank DVDs and an hour to do it yourself.) and installed WoW. I discovered that if you spend your life travelling between two corners of the world and you left your Wrath CDs at the other corner, you can still install WoW! I’m probably the last person in the world to discover this, but just in case, I want to spread the good news that you can do it via your account management page:


You can also scroll down to your account information and click on that link:


I ended up downloading and installing Wrath and the patches while at work, so I don’t know the exact time it takes, but it was done by the time I finished my shift and it went very smoothely.

Once I could get into the game, I did what everyone with a new computor does: I turned my settings all the way up and ran around Dalaran. Quite frankly, I was disapointed. Not with my computor, but with Dalaran. Not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was along the lines of angels signing with glowing lights and stuff. In reality, its not that much different. Having a shadow is kind of cool though. And I had really missed the climate feature. The gentle snow falling on Storm Peaks as my mage grinds her Sons of Hodir rep lightens my mood significantly. I had to turn some of the settings back down to run addons, after all, this is a laptop and I’m poor, starving student on a tight budget, but I can still keep my favorite settings high.

Since I’ve been away at work for two weeks, I have yet to see 25 mans raids on a computor that can run them, but I look forward to it. Since Wrath, 25 mans = slideshows. The test will be tonight.