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Shared topic: RPG Nostalgia

November 11, 2009

Oh goodie, a nice, not so controversial shared topic. And I think I’ll sort of stay focused with this one. RPG nostalgia. The RPGs we loved before World of Warcraft and, in my case, have been sadly sitting on my shelf since World of Warcraft came around. This topic was suggested by Triv from Raid Naked: Game in the Buffs and you can find links to the others who took part in the thread at Blog Azeroth.


There are two RPGs that have been significant in my life. One is the overly popular Final Fantasy VII, the other is the lesser known Might and Magic series. No, not Heroes of Might and Magic. Just Might and Magic. I could tell some stories about both games, but for now I want to talk about Might and Magic.

This wouldn’t be a Bossy Pally post if I didn’t start talking about the gamers before I talk about the game. So. Flashback 10 years ago. I’m almost 16 years old, starting my last year of high school. (Note that the structure of the French Canadian school system is unique, but I’m not going to bore you with a description of it.) My excitement of starting a new year of school was crushed by the fact that the rest of my clique was in the other class so I wouldn’t be seeing them much. I took my spot in the front row, to the far left where I could melt into the wall and not draw attention to myself. Yep, this was going to be a looooong year. Interestingly, the girl behind me was doing the exact same thing. I knew her by sight, after 5 years of the same 60 people, you kind of know everyone, but we’d never been in the same class before. I’m not a very social person, not now, not then, but there’s something about other shy people that I really like. So I turned around.

Me: Hi.
Her: Hi.
Me: So, secondary 5, huh.
Her: Yep.
Her: So, what do you do for fun?
Me: Um. Well. I dunno. I like music. And *whisper* I play video games a lot.
Her: I love video games. What are you playing?
Me: Well, I’m playing this game you’ve probably never heard of called Might and Magic VI.
Her: OMG!!!! I’ve beaten it twice. I’m working on Might and Magic VII.
Me: Twice? I feel like I’ve been playing forever and I can’t get anywhere.
Her: Where are you stuck?