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Let us figure out why I’m so bad at writing papers

March 19, 2010

Ok, so I spent 3 hours writing a wonderful and intricate blog post about the mechanics of a specific spell (and by 3 hours of writing, I mean 3 hours of sort of writing while flipping back and forth and participating in other discussions) and then I went to save it and WordPress gave me the finger and I lost it all and OMG I don’t want to start all over. I even had MATH in it, just to prove to Codi that I’m not always lazy! (Note, since everyone’s feelings are kind of on-edge these days, I want to specify that I am saying this with much affection and <3)

So after the obligatory crying fit, I decided to write about something lighter for a Friday post. It has little to do with WoW, but perhaps if we all put our heads together, we can figure out why I’m such a bad paper writer. (And the whole reason I have this on my mind is because I have 2 papers due Monday that I’ve barely started)

This is my paper writing process:

1) Read assignment question.

2) Check blog stats.

3) Reread assignment question.

4) Gather dirty clothes and start some laundry.

5) Pull out notebook to work on plan.

6) Look for pencil.

7) Discover a roll of Lifesavers under bed.

8.) Tweet about said Lifesavers roll.

9) Refresh blog stats.

10) Start working on plan.

11) Check blog comments.

12) Write rest of plan.

13) Check Blog Azeroth.

14) Start paper, write 3 words.

15) Go get snack.

16) Tweet about snack.

17) Write 3 more words.

18) Refresh blog stats.

19) Write 3 more words.

20) Remember laundry.

21) Get interrupted by cat demanding food. Feed cat.

22) Write 3 more words.

23) Run “1” heroic (courtesy of @Acaldra)

…. and so on.

Anyone have any insight on why it takes me a week to write a 2 paged paper?