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It’s Sunday night and I’m not raiding

October 26, 2009

I love raiding. To quote myself (I have a bad habit of doing that): “I live for raiding.” But tonight I’m not raiding because I decided that I needed to take a break, to get that feeling back. Too much of a good thing spoils you and, trust me, when it comes to raiding, I’m as spoiled as it gets. Just ask my raid leader how often he gets emails containing my kindergardenish temper tantrums. (I bet he’s lost count.)

My very first raid? It was Gruul’s Lair. The small family guild I was part of (even though I totally wasn’t family at that time – I was the random weirdo member) raided with a larger guild. (The larger guild ended up more or less absorbing the little one and thats how I ended up in my current guild in case you were wondering and I’m sure you weren’t.) I had no idea what I was doing. I posted on big guild’s forums letting them know that they’d never heard of me before but that I wanted to go to the raid. Being the uber shy, nervous wreck that I am, I had the entire guild charter memorized before posting and was utterly and thoroughly intimidated. (Funny how things change, now I whine about how it needs to be updated and more stringent.) They were nice people, though, the large guild. They were welcoming and didn’t seem to care that I was a weird stranger and quite possibly the biggest wow n00b they’d ever had in their raids. The raid leader welcomed me personally and made quite an impression. Most. hyper. person. to. post. in. a. thread. EVER.