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Still Running

October 4, 2013

When I was a student, stressed and exhausted and constantly panicking at hectic paces and deadlines, I thought to myself “I can’t wait to be out of school and have a normal life.”

Then I got my first permanent job. After tired morning upon tired morning of looking at my dark sunken eyes in the mirror, and after night upon night of breathing exercises to regain control after a hard day, it dawned on me that the problem was me. Between being awfully slow (everything takes me hours and hours more than everyone else), being a perfectionist (not an efficient combination) and an insatiable need to TAKE ON ALL THE THINGS, it would seem I’m condemned to a life time of running. Running and never catching up.

I used to envy the unemployed, but the more I get to know myself, the more I think my life would be just as hectic, no matter what elements I took out of it.

All that to say that a few weeks ago, I was a guest on the Leetsauced Podcast to celebrate their 3rd podcasting anniversary. It took me this long to get back to the blog, but these are the codes you may be looking for:

Logan’s code: ZD-2LTBF

My code: QZXE-S5A6

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s normal. It seems the hosts were critted by real life even harder than I was and I believe they haven’t been able to upload the episode yet.

But, you know, keep an eye on their site and you might win something fun! (On top of the awesome privilege of hearing my naughty noodle talk.)

As usual, I super happy to get to hang out and goof off. We’ve all gone our separate ways since our Conquest shenanigans and it’s been too long. Too too long. While I think Vik and Evan (Hi-ya) are mostly retired from WoW, Logan and I still raid together in Cadenza, but it’s not the same.

Other things that happened while I was running

As I just hinted at, I’ve been raiding with Cadenza for about 8 months now and still haven’t gotten kicked out (and actually, while I seem to get in trouble far more than most everyone else, I do feel like I’m playing somewhat decently!). The raiding is fantastic. We raid 2 nights a week, the attitude is more casual than most of the casual guilds I’ve been in (Guild forums? What are guild forums? Reading strats? You can read strats?), but we kill stuff faster than the most progressives guilds I’ve been in. Which is unbelievable given the amount of time we waste.

I’ve been raiding Kurn’s Kick-Ass GM guide (since I have no plans of becoming a GM, I’ve been treating it like “Memoirs of a GM” – it reads very well like an autobiography) and the entire time I wonder what our GM would say about it given that Cadenza, on many points (though in fairness, not every point), is pretty much the opposite of Apotheosis.

I do struggle with our Fri-Sat schedule. I wish I had found this guild as a student in Newfoundland. Raiding 10:30pm-2:30am when I don’t have to get up the next morning would have been amazing. I would have done so much better in pharmacy school if I’d raided with Cadenza at the time (though I would have missed out on some really good Conquest friendships). As community worker in Alberta, though, it’s not as obvious. Nobody wants to work the Friday night shift, so I often have to miss raid to cover it. And real life stuff is always happening on Saturday nights. No matter how much I try to avoid the Evil Real Life, it just keeps chasing me around.

But anyway, I’ve been in the guild for 8 months and I have a cute story to share.

I was reading Theck’s post about world PvP on the Timeless Isle.

He’s right. He puts it so eloquently and describes a big picture complete with relevant data and images, but essentially there are two words: Tichondrius sucks. World PvP in itself isn’t the problem. I played plenty on Nerzhul and Eredar and had excellent experiences, better even than on PvE servers. But the faction imbalance (along with the Horde PvP celebrities who attract masses of gank-happy fans) sets Tichondrius apart. I don’t even do new content because there’s no point. No matter how much PvP gear you put on or how many friends you bring with you, you’ll do nothing but sit in the graveyard as a ghost all night.

Anyways. Sensing my frustration, my fellow holy paladin guildy, who has a lot of alts on a PvE server, added me to real ID and invited me to group whenever he saw me on. Normally I don’t group outside of raids. I play by myself, at my own pace, for my own fun, thank you very much. But Tichondrius (and low-level Nerzhul since it shares Tich’s CRZ) is so awful that I couldn’t turn him down. So night after night, he’d invite me to group and we’d chat. After a few weeks of this, I finally gave him the time of day.

He came to visit me last week and I’m going to visit him the week before Blizzcon. I guess you could kinda say we’ve dating or something for the past two months or so. Not sure where it will lead, but things seem to be going well. A little good to come out of Tichondrius’ awfulness.

In other news, work’s been rough as usual. With half of my staff away, the remainder of my staff injured and inventory coming up on Saturday, I did about 8 consecutive days of being on my feet from 8:30 am to 11:30pm (most pharmacists aren’t allowed to take breaks, so a 15 hour shift means 15 hours of having sore feet and of being super hungry, sleepy and dizzy – and the shittiest part is that I’m only allowed to be paid between 9 am and 9pm, meaning the rest is basically just volunteering at work). So I’ve been pretty cranky and I swear I’m fighting off some kinda of sinus infection (likely from being exposed to the mold in our building for so many hours).

I had my first day off yesterday and I ran off to Jasper for some therapeutic thin mountain air. I didn’t bring my camera, which I regretted – the snow covered mountains with mist hanging around them were beautiful when contrasted with the yellow late-fall tree. But here’s a photo of Jasper I took earlier this year for your own mountain-therapy needs.

Cal Expo Cape Breton Pyramid Outlook 036

Oh, and yes, I fully intend to write about playing a Holy Paladin in 5.4, though by the time I get around to it, we’ll probably be in 6.0.

Double O podcast Episode 2 is up!

May 1, 2011

Check out the second episode of the Double O podcast!

I’m really, really excited about it. Ok, I know I’m always excited about our podcasts. But our topic, gaming addiction, is one that’s very close to the field I’m trying to specialize in in real life (substance abuse and dependence pharmacy) so I was particularly enthusiastic and I think it shows. I didn’t have to chop as many silences out of my speech as usual.

We also had a special guest, as close to an expert on the topic that exists right now, our blogosphere’s own Lady Erinia. She’s a wonderful, knowledgeable speaker and I hope you all enjoy her presence on the podcast as much as I did.

I know the intro music fades out a bit too fast. I’m using Audacity now, instead of that nasty Traverso that bailed on me last time. Audacity is fantastic in a lot of aspects (like not crashing after my every action), but effects are bit more annoying to work with. By the time I was finished snipping and ready to add the music, I was too fed up to figure out how to get the perfect sound. Next time will be better!

A Point on Addiction and Insight

On the podcast, I made a mistake that I want to clarify. If you’ve heard the podcast, you’ll be scratching your head because I cleverly chopped out that part along with any references to it. But I did originally say that to meet the criteria for addiction, you need to have tried to quit (or wanted to quit) and failed.

While this is part of the criteria, how the diagnosis of addiction works is that there are 7 criteria (including wanting/trying unsuccessfully to quit), but you only need to meet 3 out of the 7.

That said, I think that with gaming addiction, in order for it to be an addiction, there has to be some level of insight (meaning you’re aware) – addiction is a very extreme condition – but given the stigma associated with both gaming and addiction, it is very possible to know there’s problem, but not want to admit it.

Anyway, I hope we came across as non-judgmental and easy to understand on the show, and still managed to be somewhat entertaining despite the serious and sciency topic.

Want to be a guest on the show?

We’ve been getting a lot of requests from people wanting to be guests on the show. That’s awesome! We love having guests!

I haven’t run this through Oestrus yet and will do that before I make any official statements on the podcast webpage, but my answer for now to anyone who’d like to be a guest is to suggest an area of expertise you have and that you think would make a good theme for an episode. We like to have specific topics (and we especially like controversial) for each of our shows, so let us know what you want to talk about.

Note too that our podcast is bi-weekly so, while we’ll probably love to have you on the show, it might take a few months before we can accommodate everyone.

Cuba, sí

April 17, 2011

Tomorrow night, I have to hop on a plane and head to a country with very minimal internet access. I know. It’s tough. There I’ll have to look at amazing scenery, prance around a beach in a bikini, eat endless amounts of free food and drink as much free booze as a I can handle. It’s a tough, tough life.

So I’ll be internetless for a week, which means no email, no answering comments and no Twitter. Try not to miss me too much.

But! I got a number of internet thingies done before I leave, so if you need your Bossy Pally fix (my ego knows no bounderies ;D), be sure to check my Holy Pally 101 post at TopRosters (which, in the end, took the appearance more characteristic of a guide rather than a real 101). Leave as much love or criticism as you wish, but be patient since I won’t get around to answering until next week.

And if you’d rather hear my suave (and by suave I mean squeaky and offkey) voice, the first real episode of the Double O podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. We had a lot of fun recording it. We use an article from Kotaku as a starting point to talk about our experiences as being women and being gamers. Men are welcome too, of course.

The editing process for that one ended up being a nightmare. My editing software kept crashing, and when I finally managed to reach the end of the podcast (after no less than 6 hours), it wouldn’t let me export the file to a more…useful…format. As I was tittering on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Fimlys came to my rescue by suggesting I play the file on my computer and use Audacity to record it.

It was one of the moments where the light shines on you and you hear naked baby angels singing.

Audacity record sounds from computer” was what I typed in Google. Had to jump through a few hoops (Windows Vista apparently does not approve of recording sounds from your computer), but in the end, I finally had a podcast.

Last week we got some feedback about awkward silences, so I was very aggressive with cutting them out. I….also….tend to….talk with…a lot…of….pauses. So I cut in there in hopes to make myself sound less verbally challenges. The end result isn’t perfect as some pauses probably should have been left in, but, hey! there are NO MORE awkward silences!

Watching WoW from the Bleachers

May 5, 2010

Guildie: Did you see we got LK down on 10 man a couple weeks ago?
Me: I did. I wasn’t invited and I’m bitter.
Guildie:…you didn’t have an internet connection.
Me: So? I’m sure there’s a way to do raid invites via phone.
Guildie: But…you’re busy wine tasting and jumping off cliffs into freaking cold rivers and stuff like that.

I miss WoW. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve raided once. I’ve logged into the game a few times and have been trying to keep on the drama (which isn’t too hard to do, Conquest tends to be rather quiet in the drama department). But between crappy (and sometimes nonexistent) internet and trying to not be rude to the friends I’m visiting or people I’m meeting along my travels, WoW has been put on the backburner.

I even went for 48 hours without an internet connection. FORTY EIGHT HOURS! That means 48 hours of no blogs, no checking the guild website, no vent, no twitter, no email and no WoW. Oh the horror! Of course, it’s always the most remote locations that have no internet, so I spent a lot of time wrapped up in a blanket with a good book (I just teared through Kushiel’s Mercy…so so good! I want to see how the story turns out but I don’t want the series to end!). Had lots of girly daydreams about sexy sadistic princes. I secretly watched hockey games (don’t tell anyone!) and drank tons of local beer. I explored small towns and large forests. I went white water rafting and jumped off a cliff into a Canadian river in the first week of May. 6 hours later, I’m still shivering.

The break is kinda nice. It’s also frustrating. Thankfully I don’t have the time right now to fine tooth comb the logs, otherwise my head would explode. Whenever I get the chance, I’m begging my guildies for news. What did you kill? Who screwed up what? Who joined? Who left? I hate having to watch progression from the bleachers.

When we got LK down on 10 man, it was bittersweet. I was excited that after all the work we all put into it, we finally got it. I was sad that I was house hunting during the raid and couldn’t be there. When a second 10 man group didn’t kill LK I was disappointed, but also relieved. Same with hearing our 25 man stories. Annoyed that we’re not progressing, thrilled that I’m not missing anything memorable.

As much fun as I’m having on my trip, I just can’t wait to get back in the game. I’ve never looked forward to a Monday this much before. Hopefully they haven’t forgotten all about me.

Speaking of memorable events, I’m excited to announce that the Raid Warning Podcast is doing a holy paladin round table and that yours truly will be taking part!

If there are any (holy paladin related) topics you’d like to hear me talk about, please let me know or get in touch with Brian and Seven.

And with that I need to get back to bed. Hypothermia makes me sleepy.

Looking for something to do this Friday Night?

March 26, 2010

EDIT: That was so much fun! Hopefully I didn’t make too much of an arse of myself… Huge thanks to everyone that showed up!

I’m really excited to announce that barring any technical difficulties, I’ll be on the Twisted Nether Blogcast tonight! I’m a huge TNB fangirl, so I’m quite giddy at the moment. (To whoever recommended me: <3!)

Feel free to stop by the live chatroom and say hi! The show should start at 8 PST.

In other news, I think this will be the first week in about 6 months that I won’t be taking part in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic. I actually kind of feel bad about it, but I’m exhausted this week and don’t have it in me. The Topic itself, World of Awecraft, is fantastic though, so I still recommend you all check it out.

Another fun event to take part in (and non-bloggers can participate!) is a Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt organized by Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate. It involves hiding and finding eggs on participants’ blogs, check out her post for more info!

And I guess that kind of ends my classified section. I know I’ve been promising posts that are actually somewhat useful (and I feel uncomfortable when I get linked to as “a paladin blog” yet I haven’t talked about paladin stuff in forever), but with the end of semester burnout and tons of papers due, all I want to do is goof off. And since this is my blog and I can do what I want with it, goofing off it shall be.

I have been going through old paladin posts and updating them, though. I figure I have enough posts now for it to be worth sorting them better and creating some links pages. I expect to be finished, um, sometime before next year.

ANYWAY, I hope to see a fun and exciting TNB chatroom tonight!