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Life Does Have a Sense of Humour

December 15, 2009

Classmate (who plays WoW): You can recite the entire paladin talent tree but you can’t remember your student number, you know, the one you’ve had for every exam for the past 3 years?
Me: It’s all about priorities, dear.

I tried to find a picture with a guy, but apparently Games > Boys is still a new and controversial idea.

Ah yes, priorities. Two summers ago, I had a nasty fall about two hours before a raid. I was absolutely furious! Not because my left arm had gone numb with the impact, not because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to walk, not because the ambulance was taking its sweet time getting there. Nope! I was angry because I had finally convinced my guild to take down Magtheridon to get my Naruu title and there was no way in heck I would be back from the hospital on time.

On the bright side, raiding again the day after I got back from the hospital was the best rehab my left arm could have gotten. I didn’t even need physio. Who says video games are useless?

Look! A picture of my last three weeks! Except I don't look like that.

Anyway, after about two weeks of WoW starvation due to finals, I can finally play freely again. It’s sad that I felt extremely guilty for not religiously doing my daily random dungeons. As guilty as I felt for taking study breaks longer than a half an hour. So, in my new found freedom, I settle down with my junk food, my beer, my headset, ready to spend the entire evening goofing around… Then my mouse dies.

Oh, it had been on and off for awhile, but this time it was really dead. No amount of fiddling with the wire, hitting it, unplugging it and replugging it brought it back to life. I yelled at it for awhile (we all know that yelling doesn’t fix things, but it does make you feel better), then looked more closely at the wire. Teeth marks, chewing. A mouse had gotten ahold of my, um, mouse. My poor, lovely Logitech G5 had been cannibalized!

So instead of a relaxing evening with WoW, it was a hectic evening at the mall. WTB an electronics/computer store near my house. I did come across a paperback copy of Kushiel’s Mercy so I guess there’s a little blessing in everything. (I seriously hope mouse cannibalism is covered by the warranty though because it was a birthday present and I haven’t had it long.)

I get two days of freedom before my practical exam. And by two days of freedom, I mean two days of answering angry CAPSI council emails I’ve had on /ignore since the pre-finals sprint, two days of applying for summer hospital internships (hmm, what regions should I apply to? I’m thinking Edmonton, Toronto and Victoria… as in love I am with rural medicine, I want something crazy for once!), two days of writing thank you cards, two days of cleaning my room to get rid of mice…

Oh, and sometime in there I want to add something colourful to my blog sidebar. I like how I have the links now (except for that I need to work on my blogroll) but I’m so clueless with pictures. I know when I see something that I like and I’m getting better with Gimp, but I never know where to start. Any kind of suggestions are appreciated. Yes, any kinds. I’m open minded. Most of the time. And I moderate my comments.

EDIT: Corrected a lot of mistakes. Could tell that I wrote this while my brain was still fried from excessive cramming.