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Shared Topic: A Conversation With Your Character

February 10, 2010

(Or in the spirit of Love is in the Blog, this post is also titled “Love Is In My Character”)

Me: So Azryu from The Arcanery proposed this week’s Shared Topic.
Rykga: Never heard of him.
Me: Oh, I have, he writes about mages. He’s just not on our server. Anyway, he wants to see one of our conversations.
Rykga: No, he doesn’t.
Me: True, but he doesn’t know that he doesn’t.
Rykga: You should share the one we had during couples therapy.
Me: That was my initial plan. But after thinking about it I decided the world is better off not knowing about that.
Rykga: Shame. That was good times.
Me: For you maybe. Anyway, you should check out everyone elses’ conversations. The links are in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

So my girl and I have an interesting relationship. And by interesting, I mean deep and fulfilling. She might beg to differ. Oh, heck, I know she would demand to differ. She’s quick /hug her fellow guildies, but she’s a little colder with me. It’s ok, I know we’re BFFs. Just take a look at us on a typical Friday night in Azeroth.

Me: Oh hai, I need some retail therapy, you in?
Rykga: Do I have a choice?
Me: How much do we have?
Rykga: 64 badges.
Me: Wooooooooo.
Rykga: /tar Ophelie
Rykga: /rolleyes

We’re always there for each other, no matter what. We spend long hours talking about our hopes and our dreams, our successes and our failures.

Me: I’m really upset. Why wasn’t I invited to the no pants party?
Rykga: That ability isn’t ready yet.
Me: I’m always excluded from stuff like that. I wasn’t invited to the epic mount party either.
Rykga: It’s too far away.
Me: I feel much better now, thanks for listening to me rant.
Rykga: Not enough room.

Even though we’re super tight, she does get a bit girly on me at times.

Rykga: If you ever quit the game, would you abandon me or leave me at the mercy of a stranger?
Me: That sounds like a trick question.
Rykga: It is.
Me: I appreciate your honesty.
Rygka: At least you appreciate something about me.

I forgive her for it though, I have my girly moments too.

Me: So, say if we hadn’t met in Northshire Abbey and you’d have met another player instead of me. Would you have gone with them instead?
Rykga: I guess so.
Me: So that’s all I am to you? The first person who came along?
Rykga: Um.

Rykga: I guess so.

I’m often asked if we fight. We don’t very often, but there is the occasional disagreement. When that happens, we sit down and talk it out.

Me: Those Beer Basted Boar Ribs look delicious.
Rykga: They are delicious! They’re soooo good. I bet you want some! You want some but you can’t have any! BAAAAM!!!
Me: So unfair.
Rykga: Yep.
Me: Wanna go jump on tables in the beer garden?
Rykga: Sure.

Some people may call our relationship unhealthy, but they clearly don’t get us. Rykga and I, we’re best kind. We don’t need words. Mouse clicks and button mashing is enough for us to communicate. We understand each other, almost as if we were the same person. Because, in a way, we kind of are.

Rykga: Ok, that was fun. Can we go kill stuff now?


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