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Love is in Singles Appreciation Day

February 15, 2010

I would have liked to get this post done on the weekend, but it’s ok. Singles Awareness (and/or Appreciation) Day, or SAD (ha!), is often celebrated on February 15th anyway, as a protest against the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.

So anyway, cutsy oootsy look we’re a happy gaming couple blog posts are pretty common. And understandably so. Gaming as a couple is tons of fun. I refuse to date non-gamers for that very reason. To quote the Spice Girls, If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my guild. At least, I think that’s how that song went.

With the, um, Hallmark sponsored events of the past weekend, there’s been a temporary increase of LOOK AT MY WONDERFUL GAMING COUPLE LIFE across the blogosphere. As a result, I feel that there’s a need for a strong voice to represent those of us who do not play as a couple. Who, in fact, solo life as gracefully and effortlessly as Snottydin solo heals WoW.

Because, even though I’m convinced that there are a total of, like, three singles (myself included) who play World of Warcraft, we still deserve representation.

What does a single gamer look like?

It is rumored that the single male gamer looks like either this, or this. On rare occasions, he is rumored to look like this and to whisper obscenities to female characters played by men.

It is rumored that the single female gamer looks like either this, or this.

Those rumors could not be further from the truth. In fact, single male gamers all look like this:

And all of us single female gamers look like this:

True story. What can I say, we’re a modest bunch. We’re also not allowed to post pictures for fear of accusations about our ability to distinguish WoW and eHarmony.

While we’re on the topic, I would like to point out that, in my four years of playing WoW, I have met several players who suffered from the inability to disguish WoW and eHarmony. Most of them were already married.

The Challenges of being a Single Gamer

Ah, it is true, we are very strong, independent and resourceful. Still, some days are a little harder than others and seeing the habits of happy gaming couples may cause a little tint of green.

For example, having excuses for screwing up such as “Sorry XYZ was tickling me! Oh, XYZ stop it!” I would appreciate having easy excuses like that on hand . My “Sorry, my cat was tickling me! Oh, cat stop it!” doesn’t go over as smoothly.

Having to speak for ourselves all the time can get a little old too. We’ve all seen these couples where only one person says boo. “Oh, XYZ is going to get a drink. Oh, XYZ is on the phone. Oh, wait a second, XYZ has to go to the bathroom.” Once, some time ago, as I was leading a guild-only raid in Ulduar when I received the following whisper from a complete stranger in another guild: “Hey, I’m XYZ’s husband. She’s missing a buff right now, could you ask the person giving that buff to buff her?” SRSLY! I came pretty close to demanding she be /gkicked. New rule: if I have to ask for my own buffs, then so does everyone else.

But it’s not all bad

I know some days are hard. Still, dear fellow singletons, let us remember that some days are wonderful. Wonderful, for come what may, we have each other.

Each other. Our fellow singletons. Our friends with whom we’ll stay up until all hours of the night, drinking and laughing over Vent/Skype/telepathy and pwning n00bs in AV. (Or in my case, getting pwned by n00bs in AV.) We’re free to do as we wish with our friendships, no worries of hurting a third party. Never anyone reading over our shoulder. Never having to say “hang on, I need to check with the partner“. Never having to share out of obligation, only out of free will.

We’re never limited to a single gaming partner. Sure, we can have our bestest best friend. But we may have as many bestest best friends as we like. At the same time. At any hour of the day. Like Brittany Spears says: “What we do is innocent, just for fun and nothin’ meant. If you don’t like the company, let’s just do it you and me. You and me…Or three….Or four….- On the floor!

And yes, she’s totally talking about hanging out with single friends in WoW.

Let Us Rejoice!

When I said we soloed life, I lied. We don’t solo life, we raid life. 100 player team, Wintergrasp style. And we pwn.

Love is in the Blog

February 7, 2010

Singles Awareness Day is a week from now and the Love Is In The Air event is starting up in the game. Are you guys finishing up the stupid candies achievement for your Purple Drake? Thank goodness I got that last candy on the last day! While the event is very cute, I got a lifetime’s worth of it last year. I don’t expect to be getting my hands dirty again any time soon.

Wait, wait, you say there’s some new items this year? Among others, a Toxic Wasteling pet and a Heartbreaker? Ok, I suppose I’ll head over to Scarlet Monastery Shadowfang Keep  a few times.

But really, I’d rather do a different kind of Love Is In The Air achievements this year. I’d like to take the event to my blog. Love is in the Blog!

With me being Ms Hardened Singleton Extraordinaire, you’d think I’d hate Valentine’s/Singles Awareness/Male Judgment Day, however you choose to call it. You’d think. But I don’t. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays. It’s the one time of year where I have an excuse to be a sappy shmoock and drive my friends, my colleagues, my acquaintances, random strangers on the street crazy with displays of affection.

Since this is a WoW blog, I want to use the next week to spread a little WoW love. Or raise WoW singleton awareness. Or get in touch with my sentimental side. I haven’t planned it all out yet, but I’m excited to announce that love will be in the blog.

EDIT: Just thought I’d mention, I’m totally not claiming copyrights on the idea (and as far as I know, it could have been done by people in the past). If anyone is at a loss for blog ideas this week and wants to join in on the theme, I’m all for it and will even link back to you.