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I…I don’t get the joke…

November 13, 2009

So there’s this thing people do in the game that they find really funny. Maybe I’m an old lady who yells at kids on her lawn, maybe I have no sense of humor, maybe I’m a freak but I don’t get it.

Here’s how it went. Since transferring to a new server, I’ve forced myself to get over my hangups about pugging. Being the new recruit to a guild that’s more advanced than me, the only way I’m going to get better without annoying everyone is by pugging the daily heroic and any 10 man ToCs/Onys I can find. The server has a lot of good guilds and pugging seems to be less of a big deal than it was a Moonrunner. However, being brand new to the server, I can’t rely on knowing other guilds’ reputations to choose who I’ll pug with. I hop into LFG and pray.

After desperately trying to find a ToC 10 group for an hour, I finally see the magic words: LF healer ToC 10, need priest or pally. Awesome! I whisper my stats and I’m in. Then we die. I look at my tank. Not much other than Naxx gear, but no one else knows this. He’s going to die every time I have to move and I’m going to be blamed. Crap. Someone claims they’d never seen the fight before. Oh boy. I have 2 hours and all I need are 6 badges, surely we can get Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus down eventually. We die a few more times, but it seems we can do it. I stick around.

They’re joking around on vent, they all seem to know each other very well. Obviously they’re playing their alts, just relaxing a bit in the evening. All I need are badges, I have 2 hours, I can do this. Northrend Beasts go down. We cheer. I force myself out of my “just want to get this instance over with” and begin to enjoy the company of my pug. Jaraxxus goes down. Onto Faction Champs. They explain it for 15 minutes. I don’t bother renewing my flask, I alt tab out and read some blogs. We easily one shot Faction Champs. They’re amazed. I tell them about dispelling being the key to healing the fight. They gasp at my 113 dispells. I secrectly thank my new guild and Maintankadin for teaching me this a few days ago. Twins go down (no not like that, stop it people). Onto Anub.

I’ve alt tabbed out at this point. I come back to see myself dead. Right. I’ve heard of pugs doing this and someone tried it in my old guild once (he’s probably still wishing he hadn’t), but I didn’t expect people to actually still do that. Apparently it’s REALLY funny to put waterwalk/path of frost/other on people when the floor breaks. This group obviously think it’s HILARIOUS that about 4 of us died to path of frost. Right when I thought I was starting to like this group of people, they’re laughing so hard they can barely speak.

And I’m trying to figure out where the amusement is.

Then one of the guys in the group, another pug person, not from the guild running the pug, talks about how he used to Water Walk people on Lurker so they’d get hit by the spout. They find that really funny too.

I don’t get it.

I’m all for killing the occasional warlock. But wasting everyone’s time, risking a wipe (in the Lurker story) and giving people 10g repair bills for no good reason? I really can’t find the funny in that. Ok, maybe the first time someone thought to put up path of frost when falling down to Anub, it was sort of funny. But after ToC has been around for months and you currently have impatient guests in your group? Riiiiiiight.

I bit my tongue, made them rez me and won a new mace when we downed Anub. I thanked them for the group and even added the better players to my friends list.

But I still don’t see what’s funny about killing people with path of frost. Have I lost my humanity?

Faction Champs Secrets Uncovered

November 9, 2009

Joanadark over at Maintankadin figured out how the Faction Champions fight worked. If you haven’t read the thread yet, well, what are you waiting for?

I’m not going to copy his post here but I want to highlight some parts of it since I found it to be quite an interesting read. Faction Champs is a fight I’ve hated since day one and seeing a “this is how it works” thread made me say “OMG COULDN’T YOU HAVE DONE THIS THREE WEEKS AGO?” (I’m a tough audience)

Anyway, a lot of the points were things we’ve all noticed but had attributed to coincidence or other mechanics. All you warlocks whining about how all the melee hits you first, turns out you’re right. They do hate you more. Well, hates a strong word, they just like seeing you die first, ‘cos as stupid as they are, they’re not that stupid. As for me, whenever I heal the fight I complain that they never attack me. Now I know why. I see it how it is. They won’t look at me unless I take my clothes off. =/ (Thats a not impressed face)

Those who say they were one shotted? They weren’t one shotted, they were 5 shotted. They just got hit by all the targets at the same time because that dot made their health the lowest. Which was probably my fault for not dispelling, but shhhhhhhh.

Finally, all those times where we’d get the first target to 20% and we’d get the illusion that his health would jam, it wasn’t an illusion. Their healers use raid frames too! Damn them!

What makes the post so awesome is that Joanadark doesn’t just say “here’s what I found!”. He makes some pretty valid suggestions as to how to make this fight a little easier. Nothing beats reading the thread, but here’s a quick recap of the most useful tips:

– If the clothies are tired of dying first, have them chug an indestructible potion before the pull.
– Tanks who want to keep an enemy interested on them can put on their dps gear
– If someone is getting owned by casters, lesser flask of resistance FTW
– If you weren’t dispelling DoTs already, now would be a good time to start.
– Wait until your first target is low on health before blowing your CC on the healers.
– You can distract their healers by dpsing, without killing, one of their pets.

Also of interest, it’s been confirmed that many warlocks were killed in the Faction Champs AI testing. You may take that as you wish.