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Greetings from Milwaukee!

June 14, 2011

Rumours of my abduction by scary Americans have been greatly exaggerated. Oestrus has been treating me quite well and she’s not scary at all.

We made cupcakes!

I *finally* got around to answering all the comments I received. I’m behind on a couple of emails, but I’m hoping to get those done today, before I get kicked out of this cute coffee shop.

My trip has been awesome so far. In Edmonton, Fannon was a wonderful host, actually his whole family was amazing. The dwarfling was just as adorable and sweet as she is in her photos and Fannon and Mrs Fannon really went out of their way to make me feel at home. Also, did you see the pictures Fannon took of me? I had no idea I could look like that in pictures! My mind is still blown!

I also got to meet up with Corath one night, which was tons of fun. Meeting up with other WoW players always has this magical feel: no matter how little we know about each other outside the game, we always seem to connect and it feels like I’ve known the person forever.

In Calgary I met up with Vidyala and Vosskah and had a blast. We gossiped about blog and twitter people (if you’re reading this, chances are we talked about YOU!), ate some delicious food and chitchatted about the game.

I hope to write some more words on the meetups in the future, but in short, I’m so glad that I have such wonderful future neighbours!

I didn’t meet up with anyone in Winnipeg, but I still really enjoyed myself. Winnipeg was the city that most caught me with my pants down – in a good way. I had always known the city as “lolWinnipeg” and “Winter-peg”, so saying I was impressed when I arrived in the gorgeous, sunny, friendly, clean, lively city, would be an understatement.

I also promised I’d give the hostel I stayed in, HI-Winnipeg, a plug. Fantastic hostel, and the Thursday night pub crawl was loads of fun! Had great drinks with great people, and made a few friends out the event (including another Albertan!).

I’m in Milwaukee, raiding Oestrus’ couch right now. It’s been another fantastic meetup, putting a face to the voice and to the person who’s been such a huge support to me over the past few months (and who always forgives me after being a victim of my crossfires). Milwaukee was another lovely discovery as well. Whenever I’d tell people I was heading to Milwaukee (it was a 3 day bus ride so I had to tell a lot of people), I was told again and again that there’s “nothing in Milwaukee”. It’s lie! There’s so much in Milwaukee! Lots of festivals, lots of cool coffee shops, lots of great food, lots of great art. Oh, and lots of breweries. As a matter of fact, I’m hoping to get in on a brewery tour this afternoon.

Then tonight I say my goodbyes and head off to Chicago!