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WoWing on the Go

April 24, 2010

Last night I was complaining to my guildies that I’m having trouble with blog posts these days. Now that finals are over, that I’ve flown to the other side of the country and that I’ve moved into my new home for the summer, I do have the time to sit and write blog posts. And I have been doing just that. Unfortunately, said blog posts always end up being:

1) About my trip; and/or
2) Very emo.

Thing is, so much has happened in such short time, I’ve ended up in this gorgeous location surrounded by mountains, ocean and oversized trees, I’ve met dozens of fantastic people and I’m planning two weeks of backpacking around British Columbia. I want to talk about it, dammit! As for the emo side, I dunno, I’m quite happy and bubbly these days. Traveling has got to be my favorite hobby and this trip has been one of the best I’ve done so far. I guess spending so much time with myself walking around, in transportation, in new and fancy coffee shops just sends brings out my pensive side. Pensive side. That’s it. Pensive, not emo. But still, if I say or write anything that might be interpreted as whining, I have this feeling my guildies will have me on mute and /ignore by the next time I log in.

Wait, guildies?

Well, yeah. Even when I’m living out of my backpack, WoW still gets the better of me. I’m obviously not raiding much, I made the raid last night, but that was the first time this week. Mostly I’ve been too busy with transportation and apartment hunting and, just like any trip, there’s that reasonable “I can play WoW whenever I want but I only get to be in this city/town/village/ditch next to the highway once.” Still, it’s entirely possible to do a few quests and brag to your guildies while relaxing after a crazy day of shopping/walking/eating overpriced but so delicious food/wine tours/white water rafting/rock climbing/whatever it is you do on your trips.

And because I need a topic that I actually feeling like writing about, I’m going to talk about gaming on the road.