Holy Pally 4eva Continued: 5.2 Excellent Gear List

EDIT: Fixed a few pieces now that 5.2 is out. List should be slightly more accurate.

Yay, it’s almost time for 5.2! (Or not yay – I could have used a few more weeks of Tier 14)

And even though I’m sure there are computer generated gear lists out there that could save me time, I compiled, BY HAND, a gear list for myself. Note the emphasis on the by hand part. My hand makes mistakes sometimes, so if the order is screwed up, or there’s a wonky link, I deeply apologize. I did double check the list before I posted, but every now and again, I miss things. If you point out a mistake, it will be my immense pleasure to fix it.

Note that I’m also writing this with PTR data so the databases are a little buggy and not all the items listed have known sources. I have full intentions of updating this once 5.2 is live for a bit, but we all know how I am with updating posts.

Stat Priority

I went with a loose stat priority of Spirit >/= Intellect > Mastery > Haste >/= Crit, assuming that 5.2 doesn’t dramatically change our playstyle. Nothing from the patch notes suggests a Holy Paladin stat revamp, but I have been surprised before.

Since healing isn’t black and white, the order of gear on the list isn’t the uber ultimate truth. Quite often, choosing the order I was going to put them in was a question of deciding between 10 extra Intellect in exchange for, oh, I dunno, 20 Mastery. Trinkets are particularly bad since 1)they’re so situational, and 2)there hasn’t been a ton of testing on them yet.

Tier 15

I’m not too sure what I think of the bonuses. Extra healing on Daybreak is interesting – I really enjoy playing with Daybreak during raids – but its actual effective healing isn’t that exciting. I don’t know how much effect buffing it will have. I’m also looking forward to trying out the 4 piece. Honestly, I don’t really miss the big Beacon transfers from days past, but extra transfers from Eternal Flame ticks (I’m an incorrigible Eternal Flame blanketer) and/or more flexibility when simultaneously healing two tanks could have some fun effects on healing assignments.

If aiming for the 4 piece, I would suggest going with the Helm, Shoulders, Legs and Gloves. I don’t like the itemization the Chest, not one bit. Other options would be the Gloves (Iceshatter Gauntlets are sexy. If I only I knew where they come from.) or the pants (Matter-Swapped Legplates are nice.).

More About This List

I should probably mention that I only listed gear with an ilevel of 522. The Raid Finder/Heroic/Thunderforged gear was mocking me so I ignored it. I figured listing normal mode gear should be enough to steer us all in the right direction. If normal mode gear drops off a specific boss, guess what boss the Raid Finder and Heroic versions drop from! As for gear below 522, I wasn’t overly interested in it and thus left it out. The only item that stood out to me was Dragonmaw, Reborn (available for Blacksmithing), an option for those who didn’t get lucky with Sha Touched weapons in LFR.

And with that, please enjoy the following copy-and-pasting headache.


1- Lightning Emperor’s Headguard (Tier 15 – Twin Consorts – 11th Boss)
2- Crown of Potentiated Birth (Ji-Kun – 6th Boss)
3- Haunted Steel Headcover (Blacksmithing)


1- Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Mender (Throne of Thunder Drop)
2- Horridon’s Tusk Fragment (Horridon – 2nd Boss)
3- Soul Prism of Lei-Shen (Lei-Shen – 12th Boss)
4- Choker of Stygimolochy (Oondasta – World Boss)
5- Passionfire Choker (Twin Consort – 11th Boss)
6- Mender’s Battletags (Shadow Pan Assault Rep – Neutral)


1- Lightning Emperor’s Mantle (Tier 15 – Iron Qon – 10th Boss)
2- Spaulders of Primordial Growth (Primordius – 8th Boss)
3- Shoulderguards of Potentiation (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Exalted)
4- Reconstructed Holy Shoulderplates (Durumu – 7th Boss)


1- Drape of Booming Nights (Jin’rokh the Breaker – 1rst Boss)
2- Dreamweaver Drape (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Honored)
3- Constantly Accelerating Cloak (Dark Animus – 9th Boss)
4- Shimmershell Cape (Tortos – 4th Boss)
5- Deadly Glare Cape (Unknown – probably Throne of Thunder Zone Drop)


1- Scorched Spiritfire Drape (Oondasta – World Boss)
2- Hauberk of Gleaming Fire (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Revered)
3- Lei-Shen’s Grounded Carapace (Lei Shen – 12th Boss)
4- Ionized Yojamban Carapace (Jin’rokh the Breaker – 1rst Boss)
5- Lightning Emperor’s Breastplate (Tier 15 – Dark Animus)


1- Softscar Armplates (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Friendly)
2- Bonemender Bracers (Primordius – 8th Boss)
3- Armplates of the Vanquished Abomination (Horridon – 2nd Boss)


1- Iceshatter Gauntlets (Durumu – 7th Boss)
2- Lightning Emperor’s Gloves (Tier 15- Council of Elders, also Nalak – World Boss)
3- Tortos’ Shellseizers (Tortos – 4th Boss)
4- Touch of Soothing Mists (Shado Pan Assault – Honored)
5- Skullsmashing Gauntlets (Oondasta – World Boss)


1- Waistplate of Channeled Mending (Shado Pan Assault – Revered)
2- Refreshing Abalone Girdle (Tortos – 4th Boss)
3- Waistband of Furious Stomping (Oondasta – World Boss)
4- Abandoned Zandalari Greatbelt (Throne of Thunder Drop)


1- Matter-Swapped Legplates (Dark Animus – 9th Boss)
2- Lightning Emperor’s Greaves (Tier 15- Ji-Kun – 6th Boss, also Nalak – World Boss)
3- Legguards of Renewal (Shado Pan Assault – Honored)
4- Legplates of Reemergence (Durumu – 7th Boss)


1- Ice-Scored Treads (Megaera – 5th Boss)
2- Haunted Steel Greaves (Blacksmithing)
3- Vaultwalker Sabatons (Throne of Thunder Drop)


1- Petrified Eye of the Basilisk (Horridon – 2nd Boss)
2- Durumu’s Captive Eyeball (Durumu – 7th Boss)
3- Ring of Shamuru (Oondasta – World Boss)
4- Ring of the Shado-Pan Assault (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Friendly)
5- Ro’shak’s Remembrance (Iron Qon – 10th Boss)
6- Eye of Oondasta (Oondasta – World Boss)
7- Signet of the Shado-Pan Assault (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Friendly)


EDIT: There has been some analysis done on the trinkets. At the time of this update I haven’t read into details, but check out Therya’s 5.2 Healing Trinket Compendium.

Intellect with mana regen:
1- Horridon’s Last Gasp (Horridon – 2nd Boss)
2- Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault (Shado Pan Assault Rep – Friendly)

Which of these two is better will depend on the internal cooldown on Horridon’s Last Gasp (see Cianxo’s comment on the Wowhead page). Either way, the raiding trinket has an advantage over the rep trinket in that it procs on its own and doesn’t require you to remember to hit it whenever it’s up. (Probably not an issue for advanced players, but often problematic for new healers.)

Spirit with damage mitigation:
1- Stolen Relic of Zuldazar (Primordius – 8th Boss)
2- Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn (Megaera – 5th Boss)

At first glance, the Relic seems leagues ahead of the Bag (28018 damage, really?) but, again, it’ll depend on how often the Bag and the Blessing of Zuldazar each proc. It’ll also depend on whether the Bag only procs on single-target direct heals or on all heals, including Eternal Flame ticks and AoE heals.

Straight throughput:
1- Lightning-Imbued Chalice (Lei-Shen – 12th Boss)

While I probably wouldn’t use this as my first choice on mana-intensive progression fights, I’m really excited to play around with it during farm raids or in LFR.


1- Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne (Lei-Shen – 12th Boss)
2- Soulblade of the Breaking Storm (Jin’rokh the Breaker – 1rst Boss)
3- Jerthud, Graceful Hand of the Savior (Jin’rokh the Breaker – 1rst Boss)

5.2 also introduces an alternative to a One-Hand Weapon and Shield with the 2-Hand Caster Mace, Invocation of the Dawn. The lack of Spirit makes me cringe, especially with Shield of Twinned Despair being so sexy (though like all holy pally shields, it probably doesn’t really exist). But! On the bright side, if you do want to give the 2-Hander a try, you’ll only have Druids and Shaman to compete with.


1- Shield of Twinned Despair (Twin Consort – 11th Boss)
2- Tortos’ Discarded Shell (Tortos – 4th Boss)

If you like stealing candy from children and making your non-shield wearing co-healers (and casting clothie raidmates) sad, Orb of Arcing Lightning, a random Throne of Thunder drop, is a passable offhand, and Lei-Shen’s Orb of Command (Lei-Shen – 12th Boss) can do if you’re desperate. Or if you really hate your co-healers (and casting clothie raidmates).

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12 Comments on “Holy Pally 4eva Continued: 5.2 Excellent Gear List”

  1. Mechaninja Says:

    Healadins don’t like haste anymore? MAN, I’m gonna be confused when I start leveling my paladin.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Haste isn’t horrible and leveling might be a little different than level 90 raiding (I haven’t leveled holy recently so I don’t know), but lately it’s been all about the Mastery. The shields it casts on targets are finally strong enough to be worthwhile, and free absorbs are always yummy. Haste just drains your mana without so much payoff.

      For a longer story, you can go here: https://bossypally.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/how-im-healing-in-mop-holy-pally-4eva-stats/ (Might need a little updating but the jist of it is still accurate.)

      • Nicolause Says:

        Agreed. Given that a growing number of our casts are either instant or dramatically sped up by Infusion of Light, Haste really has lost a bit of it’s punch for us.

        Now, if they’d only create a glyph where Judgment gave us a point of HP as opposed to Crusader Strike. I’d play with that for a while… especially in regards to Selfless Healer.

        • Ophelie Says:

          OMG Judgement with HP <3333 That would make me so happy. I suppose there's not a HUGE difference between casting Judgement and casting Crusader Strike, other than how tier 14 wasn't very friendly to us standing in melee.

  2. I was under the impression that Shield of Twinned Despair drops from Twin Consorts. At least that’s what wowhead and the dungeon journal says.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Last night it was definitely listed as a random drop. But I’m glad to see it’s part of a loot table. Post updated! Thank you!

  3. Nicolause Says:

    … a two-handed casting hammer? That creates a kinda disconnect for me, Mentor.

  4. AliPally Says:

    It’s wierd seeing new gear lists come up and not being an active raider anymore. My love of pve healing in raids kind of died a death on Deathwing’s Spine, and I haven’t been motivated to raid (except in LFR on my Warlock) ever since.

    What I have been doing is pvp! For someone whose heart almost gave out every time I got involved in any sort of player v player action, I never imagined I would ever do RBGs, but I have found healing in pvp so much more interesting than in pve content now.

    I think Radiance and LoD really killed the enjoyment of healing for me in raids. Seriously, if I wanted to be an aoe spammer I would have chosen to be a Druid or a Priest, not a Paladin.

    But yes, I miss looking through lists like this and figuring out where I’m going to upgrade gear, and which of my fellow healers I’m going to be in competition with for the loot I want. Such is life OQ.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I’d been wondering what you’d been up to lately! (Sorry for the slow reply, had company over for the past week so I took advantage of the forced break from the internet.)

      If the guild I’m with now doesn’t work out, I might join you on the list of PvP Holy Paladins. I haven’t PvPed much since BC, but with my erratic schedule and my lack of enthusiasm for 10m or casual raiding, it seems to be the option that makes the most sense.

      We’re not quite the AoE spammers we were in DS anymore, except maybe in LFR. Radiance is expensive and LoD is situational (or personal – a couple of months ago I raided with a Holy Paladin who used nothing but LoD as his Holy Power sink – I generally prefer Eternal Flame), but yeah, I’m still trying to think of PvP as something I’d potentially like to get into.

  5. Nazaniel Says:

    Have you had any thoughts on how much spirit is too much spirit nowadays? I was recently at 12K not taking into account trinket procs and was thinking that has to be way too high. Everywhere I look, people are saying spirit uber alles though. What are your thoughts?

    • Ophelie Says:

      Is there such thing as too much mana regen?

      I mean, if you’re spamming your biggest heals and still end up with a bar full of mana, then you’d probably enjoy swapping out some spirit for intellect. But the only circumstances I could see that happening in are if your whole teams greatly outgears the content, or if you’re being way too conservative in your healing.

      I find I have a lot of excess mana on movement fights – our instant casts are cheap and moving allows for a lot of regen – but I still need high regen for most other fights and I’m definitely not going to swap gems several times a raid!

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