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Shared Topic: Making a WoW Cooking Recipe IRL

July 30, 2011

When I saw this week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth, I knew I had to join in. A food topic? Yes please!

Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes suggested the topic, possibly inspiring herself from Edenvale’s The Gamer’s Fridge and I scrambled to find a WoW recipe that Edenvale hadn’t already tried.

I’d been wanting to try a beer-based dish for a long time, and I felt like ribs, so I picked the recipe that had been making my stomach rumble since my very first days playing WoW:

Beer Basted Boar Ribs

Before getting started, I did a bit of research on cooking with beer and checked out several beer-based ribs recipes. From what I could understand, you can cook with beer pretty much the way you’d cook with any liquid, but that the bitterness of the beer is highlighted when heated (due to the water evaporating and the beer concentrating). To keep the dish from getting too bitter, you want to counter it with something sweet like brown sugar or honey. Beyond that, you can add whatever you want to get the flavor you’re looking for.

Here’s what I used:
– Ribs (about 3kg… it was a lot! I don’t recommend using that much.)
– Beer (I didn’t notice that the original WoW recipe called for a malt, so I used a maple stout from Cannery Brewing, a BC beer from Penticton.)
– Honey
– Soy Sauce
– Dijon Mustard
– Onion (not shown in picture)
– Garlic (not shown in picture)
– Lemon Juice
– Worshestershire sauce (most of the beer ribs recipes I checked out called for it, so I tosses some in.)
– Cayenne Pepper
– Bay Leaves